This Machine Was Made for Cannabis, But It Has Become My New Kitchen Essential

This Machine Was Made for Cannabis, But It Has Become My New Kitchen Essential

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Made for grinding, steeping, and infusing liquids, the Magical Butter Machine is a super versatile appliance that deserves a chance in your kitchen. Perfect for bumping up the flavor of booze, sauces, or oils, it has the potential to change your culinary adventures.

Whenever something has the word "magical" in its name, I assume it's either a scam or a one-use kitchen product that will quickly begin collecting dust in my cabinets. Thankfully, the Magical Butter Machine is neither of those things.

I couldn't resist opening the email that offered me the chance to try out the Magical Butter Machine. Originally created for use with botanicals (that aren't legal in all 50 states, if you get what I mean), it had the potential of being a one-hit wonder. But I still gave the machine a shot, and have been fascinated by it ever since. Easy to use, and clean, along with it being efficient and fun, the Magical Butter Machine has changed the way I cook. (and we promise, this isn't a paid advertisement)

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When it arrived in the mail, I was worried about the amount of space it would take up. It's quite a large, heavy appliance and I have a small apartment kitchen. It soon proved itself to be worth every inch of counter space. The first day, I tested out one of its widely touted uses: infusing alcohol. I combined some gin and lavender and in an hour I had a light purple liquor that tasted like it had been infusing for weeks. Cue me brainstorming the million and one things I can infuse and give away for Christmas.

The way the Magical Butter Machine works is a combination of heating and blending by a small blade that's similar to an immersion blender. Relatively simple to operate, you pour in the ingredients (they have recipes available on their site if you need inspiration), seal the lid, and choose your options. You can pick between one, two, four, or eight hour infusing times, along with options for your preferred temperature. It makes a little bit of noise, due to the tiny blade and motor that runs it, but only enough to make you have to bump up your television volume a notch or two. The best part? It has a self-cleaning option, so you don't even have to worry about scrubbing out the smell of your last concoction.

It isn't purely just for infusing alcohols or oils, it can make fantastic sauces and dressings too. My attempt at vegan fish sauce, which is a soy sauce base with nori and dried shiitake mushrooms, came out with a much deeper flavor than anything I had previously created on the stovetop.

The possibilities are endless, and I can't help but find myself humming "Pure Imagination" from the Willie Wonka soundtrack when I dream up my next creation. In the last month that I've had it, I've infused liquors, vinegars, and oils, while also creating sauces and dressings that blow anything conventionally-made out of the water. And I haven't even started considering its uses for soups, but as winter weather begins I'm sure you'll find me singing about how it excels at that too.

Why I love the Magical Butter Machine (and you should too):

  • It's ridiculously simple to use: plug it in, press two buttons, wait for delicious food.
  • It cleans itself. No extra dishes, no scrubbing, it's almost like (dare I say it?) magic!
  • It saves you time. When I made cotton candy grape bourbon (trust us, it's good), our test kitchen coordinator, Mark, could not believe the Magical Butter Machine had achieved the flavor of a bourbon that had been infusing for weeks.
  • It can cut down on food waste. Have herbs on the verge of going bad? Throw them in the machine with some oil. Spinach starting to wilt? Put it in there with some tomatoes and herbs for a green-speckled pasta sauce.
  • It has rainbow lights that dance around on the top that indicate it's currently cooking something. How fun is that?

The Magical Butter Machine is available online and costs $174.95. The kit includes the machine, a heatproof glove, and a purifying filter for extra clear infusions.

Can You Become a Chef Without Culinary School? – 2021 Guide

Even before history can remember, people have been preparing food for their family and friends. This is probably one of the most interesting things in the world. We don’t say this without a reason. We say this because there are literally countless combinations that you can make in order to prepare a meal that will be enjoyed by all the people that gathered for a supper. Some people think that recipes are an invention of a newer age. However, we can see that some of them were written in stone. For example, we can see some of them in ancient Greece and Egypt. People were always interested in finding new ways to prepare food. We are not talking about pure eating, we are talking about a carefully planned diet by following the recipes carefully in order to get the best possible flavor in the end.

Naturally, during these times people weren’t obligated to have some sort of credentials and diplomas to prepare healthy and tasty food. In fact, this is an invention of the modern age. Now we can see that there is specialized schools that prepare new chefs every year. If you would like to see how this looks, you can take a look at culinarylabschool.com. However, we can see that a high number of people ask a question, can you become a chef without obtaining a culinary school diploma? Naturally, a culinary school diploma has its advantages, but it is not essential for you to start your new career as a chef. Of course, you need to have a talent and you need to obtain some skills along the way. Also, you need to ready to go along and pretty hard way. We are here to help. We are going to talk about certain things you need to unleash from yourself to become a chef without a diploma.

Reviews of the 7 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. ChocoVision Revolution V Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

We looked at a large number of options that are currently available to assist in the process of chocolate tempering to bring you the best chocolate tempering machine of 2021 . The ChocoVision Revolution V Chocolate Tempering Machine might be one of the more expensive options that you can choose from, but this device surely outperforms most of the competitor tempering machines that we found.

The LED display unit provides you with instant access on the current temperature of the device. This ensures your chocolate will never be set to a temperature that is too high or low. You can also manually adjust the temperature of the device with the built-in control panel, which allows you to set the temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The product comes with full instructions and is also NFS approved, which is something that most competitor machines are not able to offer you. The micro-processing is also fully automatic and helps to force hot air for improved performance. You can melt up to 5 pounds of chocolate in the ChocoVision Revolution V Chocolate Tempering Machine at a time.

To watch the ChocoVision Revolution V Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.

2. KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl For Tilt-Head Stand Mixers Review

Another excellent option for tempering chocolate at home would be the KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl. This one features a highly accurate temperature regulator that outperforms the temperature regulation features of most alternative options that you will find available. The digital display allows you to set a timer for the heat cycle, as well as a temperature display to give a read on the current temperature of the device.

You can manually adjust the temperature of the KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl. Temperature settings can be set from 70 degrees Fahrenheit up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The timer can be adjusted to a maximum of 10 hours. In addition to the bowl, the product also comes with additional accessories, including a dough hook, a wire whip, and a flex edge beater.

To watch the KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl For Tilt-Head Stand Mixers Review on YouTube, click here.

3. Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot Review

Next up is the perfect option for those people who are looking to melt their own chocolate without spending hundreds of dollars. The Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot comes at a price of just over $30 and includes a range of convenient features that does not only make it appropriate for melting and tempering chocolate, but also for melting and making other types of candy that require a heating process.

This product comes with a built-in plug and is made from plastic, as well as silicone material. The melting pot contains two spouts on both sides of the pot, which makes pouring melted chocolate and other candy onto cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, or any other item very easy, and this helps to eliminate messes and dripping. The insert of the product is made from silicone material, which can be cleaned very easily. According to the manufacturer of the Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot, you can melt your chocolate or other types of candy in as little as 10 minutes.

To watch the Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot Review on YouTube, click here.

4. Chocolate Melting Pot – Electric Chocolate Fondue Fountain Pot Review

The Chocolate Melting Pot by Good Cooking is an electronic fondue fountain pot set that comes with everything you need to melt chocolate and can be incredibly helpful too for chocolate tempering as well. The product features a great design and fits easily on any countertop, thanks to its compact design. At less than $20, the Good Cooking Chocolate Melting Pot is also one of the most affordable options that you will find in terms of devices that allows you to temper chocolate on demand.

The product comes complete with more than 30 different accessories that will make melting chocolate and other types of candy very easy and more convenient. There are also seven molds that you can use to shape chocolate after the tempering process. Temperature can be adjusted to two different levels, which ensures you can follow an appropriate procedure for the tempering of chocolate in the device. Along with the product and all of the accessories, you also get a recipe book with 12 different recipes for you to try out.

To watch the Chocolate Melting Pot – Electric Chocolate Fondue Fountain Pot Review on YouTube, click here.

5. VEVOR 1000W Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Machine Review

If you are looking for a professional chocolate melter , then you should consider taking a look at the VEVOR 1000W Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Machine. This one is best chocolate tempering machine for home use, as well as for small home-based commercial operations, such as when you are planning to sell candy or food that will contain melted chocolate at a festival or in a shop. The VEVOR 1000W Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Machine is available in a variety of options, including a two-tank option, and a four-tank option. You can also choose the number of tiers, and one of the options available even comes with a chocolate fondue fountain.

This tempering machine is made from #304 stainless-steel material and is quite powerful to ensure melted and tempered chocolate at the correct temperature. The digital control ensures more accurate control over the temperature of the device as well. It is very easy to use this device.

To watch the VEVOR 1000W Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Machine Review on YouTube, click here.

6. Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set Review

Next up is the NutriChef Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set. This is another complete set that comes with a range of accessories that will help you and your family enjoy a night of fondue. In addition to being an appropriate device for melting chocolate, this particular device can also be used to melt other items, such as butter and cheese.

The hotplate installed in the NutriChef Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set contains a 25-watt element which ensures an appropriate temperature can be achieved to ensure the chocolate that is added to the device can be tempered without any problems. The aluminum material used in the construction of this chocolate tempering machine is also food-grade and safe for the entire family.

To watch the Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set Review on YouTube, click here.

7. ChocoMaker Inc. Dress My Cupcake Chocomaker Candy Melter Review

The last one that we recommend you take a look at if you wish to buy a chocolate tempering machine is ChocoMaker Inc. Dress My Cupcake Chocomaker Candy Melter. This is also similar to a fondue device but has multiple options that you can choose from in terms of the temperature that the device can reach, which also makes it an ideal option for the tempering of chocolate. This is not only the perfect device for chocolate, but can be used to melt other items that you may need for a recipe or to prepare candy and some types of food.

The bowl is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring the product is durable and will last for a long time. You can melt up to two pounds of chocolate in the device at a time. There are two different temperature settings that can be used during the melting process and when you want to temper your own chocolate.

To watch the ChocoMaker Inc. Dress My Cupcake Chocomaker Candy Melter Review on YouTube, click here.

Avoid –ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 lbs. Capacity Review

We have taken a look at the best chocolate tempering machine options that you can buy in 2021, and now we also want to tell you about one of the worst chocolate tempering machines . We want to ensure you buy a device that is worth your money and we want to help you avoid wasting money that you work hard to earn. After we did a lot of research and comparisons, we definitely do not recommend buying the ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine.

While this option may seem convenient and useful at first, consider the fact that it is not made from the same top-quality options that other devices are made from. Furthermore, we found that the temperature controls on the device are not as accurate as they should be. The ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine is also relatively small compared to some of the other options that we have listed, and the device is overpriced considering its limited features and its size.

To watch the ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 lbs. Capacity Review on YouTube, click here.

2021 Buyers Guide to the Best Chocolate Tempering Machine:

When it comes to buying one of the best chocolate tempering machines, you will notice that there are thousands of options that have been launched by a range of different brands. Some of them are good, and some of these devices will be a complete waste of your money. To ensure you buy one of the right chocolate tempering machines, there are a few points that you should always consider while you are browsing the different devices that are currently available on the market. Below, we list three of the most vital points that we used to choose the best ones out of the thousands that are available.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Temperature Regulation: While looking at the possible options that you can buy, be sure to take into consideration the temperature regulation features offered by the particular chocolate tempering machines you might be interested in. There are many options out there, and they do not all offer you the ability to adjust the temperature according to your own needs – some of them would also not be able to achieve the right temperature in order to ensure chocolate can be effectively tempered. Some of the better quality chocolate tempering machines on the market will allow you to manually adjust the temperature of the temperature, while others are fully automatic in adjusting the temperature and maintaining a set temperature until the machine is turned off. It is generally a good idea to opt for those that will allow you to push the temperature up or down according to your own needs. This way, you can avoid a temperature that is too low to ensure the crystals in the chocolate can effectively melt, but also to avoid a temperature that is too high, which may also yield inappropriate results.
  • Interface Features: While a significant percentage of these machines tend to have very basic features, there are some with quite impressive interface features that may come in handy while you are tempering your chocolate. For example, we have seen a few of these devices offer a display unit, along with a control panel. These can be used to easily adjust the temperature of the device with the touch of a button. Different brands utilized different types of interfaces. If you are looking to buy a chocolate tempering machine that comes with a temperature regulator that can be manually adjusted, we recommend opting for a device that comes with a display unit, such as a LED screen, that can provide feedback on the current temperature settings. This way, you can ensure you always have an accurate overview of the temperature at which you can create tempered chocolate and make appropriate adjustments when needed.
  • Quality and Price: While it is essential to look at the temperature regulation options and the interface features that the product you are interested in buying has, never forget to take into account the quality and the price of the machine as well. These are two crucial factors that you should never overlook – if you buy a poor quality product, you will most likely end up with a product that is defective and your chocolate will not be tempered properly. In terms of pricing – some brands might charge a ridiculously high price for a product that another brand can offer you at a lower price. Thus, be sure to consider your options carefully. You do not want to buy a chocolate temper machine that is too cheap but, at the same time, you also do not want to overpay for a product that you could have bought at a more reasonable price. Do your research and take a look at more than just one or two options. This way, you will be sure that you are going to be buying the right chocolate tempering machine that is made from top-quality materials, without paying too much for the product.

What Is a Chocolate Tempering Machine Used For?

Before you buy a chocolate tempering machine, be sure to do some research and ensure that this is the right product for the specific task that you wish to accomplish. A chocolate tempering machine is really simple to use, although the science behind the process is rather complex.

The machine is basically used to melt chocolate. What happens during this process is important to understand, however. There are small crystals found naturally in the cocoa butter that is used in the process of making chocolate. These crystals often result in making chocolate look flat, and it can take away the glossiness that is often observed in quality and delicious chocolate. These crystals are also known as Beta 5 crystals.

The crystals in the c hocolate are stable at a cool temperature. When heated, however, these crystals will melt. A chocolate tempering machine is used to melt chocolate and then to keep the chocolate at a very specific temperature for a certain amount of time. When this happens, those small crystals dissolve and, in turn, the consistency of the chocolate starts to change. When done right, the chocolate will regain its solid form once cooled but will have a crispier texture, and the chocolate will not look flat. The chocolate will be glossy and, more importantly, it will taste great!

How to temper chocolate with this machine?

Using a chocolate tempering machine to temper chocolate at home is a relatively easy task, especially if you have the right machine that is made from quality materials and offers you the ability to manually adjust the temperature to ensure you can regulate how warm the chocolate is kept during the operation.

It is important to follow an appropriate process when using a chocolate tempering machine to ensure you can achieve the perfect consistency of chocolate that will make it ideal for decorative purposes or to enjoy on a strawberry or perhaps with some cookies.

First, the chocolate that you want to temper needs to be melted at 45-degrees Celsius. Once the chocolate is melted, the temperature needs to be turned down. The specific temperature depends on the type of chocolate you are tempering. If you are tempering dark chocolate, turn the heat down to about 31-degrees Celsius, and for other types of chocolate, turn down to 29-degrees Celsius. Once you have turned down the temperature, add some Callets – these are chocolate disks that contain stable crystals.

As the chocolate temper machine mixes the Callets with the melted chocolate, the Callets will start to melt. This Callets should not melt too quickly, as this may lead to complications in the process.

Once the Callets have melted and has been properly mixed with the melted chocolate, then you have successfully tempered your own chocolate at home.

✅ Chocolate Tempering Machines: Reviews of the 7 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine, Plus 1 to Avoid ❎

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Chocolate Tempering Machine:

If you want to bake a cake or cookies and cover them in delicious and crispy chocolate, or perhaps you would like to enjoy a chocolate fondue evening with the family, this appliance is perfect. In these cases, and many more, a chocolate tempering machine can be an extremely valuable device to own. We found that there are many good options on the market, but also a lot of options that will not help you temper chocolate properly. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the best chocolate tempering machine of 2021 to help you buy a device that will not disappoint you, and allow you to create the perfect chocolate for every occasion.

Also, feel free to check out our other in-depth review of our top picks for the Best Cupcake Stand of 2021. Finding a great cupcake stand can be a great addition to your next hosted event or gathering.

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If you're an epileptic that depends on medical marijuana to stop seizures, it is critically important to medicate with the right herb. It could be a matter of life and death. Marijuana growers generally want to know everything about their plants and especially the content of the most important medicinal ingredients the cannabinoids. Now it's possible for anyone to affordably test their marijuana's potency anywhere - anytime using a technology called thin layer chromatography (TLC).

A basic on-site test kit (10-20 tests) costs in the neighborhood of $100. This same type of test is used by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime as a quick and easy way to determine the controlled substance THC in the field. The US Food and Drug administration also recognizes the TLC analytical technique.

Illustration (above): The center rectangle is an image of a marijuana test result where the different marijuana components (cannabinoids) approximate content is determined.


Medical Marijuana contains varying amounts of medicinal compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes. The major cannabinoids used in therapy today are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Both THC and CBD serve to alleviate or mitigate many serious symptoms and conditions afflicting man. THC is the psychoactive ingredient which makes people stoned, an effect that is not enjoyed or desired by all. CBD on the other hand is non-psychoactive and has little to no psychoactive effects while being highly effective to treat many conditions.

"Not all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food companies test Cannabis raw materials or provide cannabinoids dosage information of derived products, leaving patients in the dark about what they're inhaling or ingesting." - MMJ Researcher

Somewhere in the 1960's marijuana breeders began manipulating the content of the THC upward, in an effort to increase its potency, i.e. yields a stronger high. In time the THC content of the buds was 20% or more. While this type of marijuana is still medicinal, the other non-psychoactive and valuable cannabinoids are negligible in content. As the medical benefits of marijuana became apparent, researchers noted that strains containing other cannabinoids were more effective in treating certain cases and conditions.

While the science of medical cannabis is complicated, the topic can be simplified. Strains that are balanced in the main cannabinoids THC & CBD afford the best results generally speaking. High CBD strains with low THC are best for those that cannot take THC for whatever reason. High THC and low CBD can be most effective for certain individuals with selected maladies.

"Having worked closely with a number of local dispensaries in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada over many years, we have come to observe repeatedly the therapeutic effects of different strains of cannabis and related this to cannabinoid profiles." - Dr. Paul Hornby

Medical marijuana is unique in its extremely low toxicity and side effects, especially as compared to pharmaceutical drugs such as steroids, opiates, etc. In many cases, the side effects of medical marijuana are even desirable. For example, a patient may medicate with marijuana to control their migraines and they might also stop obsessing about eating or some other hang-up.

Mason Jar Decarboxylation for Cannabis Edibles

Mason jar decarboxylation (or decarbing) has become an increasingly popular method for cannabis edibles creators. The mason jar decarb method arguably produces infusions with greater flavour and potency than a traditional decarboxylation does.

Decarboxylation is necessary for making cannabutter, cannabis oil, and other edible infusions. The mason jar decarboxylation method is ideal for those who want less smell while making cannabis infusions, as well as a self-contained decarbing process.

Decarboxylation, or decarbing, is an essential process in making cannabis edibles. Cannabis is not psychoactive in its raw form and this process ensures that valuable cannabinoids, such as Delta-9 THC, are properly activated. In addition, the process of decarboxylation also prepares cannabis for bioavailability, a process that allows cannabis to have an effect as an edible substance.

Learning how to decarboxylate cannabis will become an essential foundation in any cannabis consumer’s knowledge.

Usually, all that is needed to decarboxylate cannabis in a mason jar for infusions and edibles are cannabis buds, a mason jar, a baking tray/dish, a conventional oven, and high-quality parchment paper.

Cannabis affects everyone in a different way, it is important that you know your own tolerance to cannabis edibles. If you need to explore more about cannabis “flower to oil ratio”, click here.

In order to make cannabis butter (cannabutter), or cannabis oil like this, decarboxylation is necessary

What is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the scientific process that takes place when cannabis is exposed to heat.

In scientific terms, decarboxylation refers to a reaction of carboxylic acids that remove a carbon atom from a chain of atoms present within a plant such as cannabis. When heat is applied to cannabis, it will remove a carboxyl group from the THCA cannabinoid (non-psychoactive) and creates the psychoactive Delta-9 THC. Decarboxylation also occurs when cannabis is smoked or vaporized.

Mason Jar Decarboxylation: Decarbing for Cannabis Edibles

  • Preheat Oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit (115 degrees Celsius)
  • Grind up your cannabis flowers
  • Be sure not to over grind, a coarse grind is recommended
  • Place ground cannabis into a mason jar and very lightly screw the lid on
  • Line your baking tray/dish with parchment paper
  • Now, place the mason jar full of cannabis on its side on the baking tray/dish
  • Once the oven has heated to 240 degrees Fahrenheit (115 degrees Celsius), place the cookie tray into the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.
  • After the first 30 minutes, flip the mason jar (using an oven mitt) onto the other side to ensure an even decarboxylation
  • Set the timer for another 30 minutes and place the mason jar back onto the baking tray/dish
  • After the second 30 minutes has elapsed, turn the oven off but leave the cannabis inside for another 30 minutes
  • Remove from oven and let your decarboxylated cannabis rest for at least 15 minutes before using it in a cannabis infusion.

Storing this final product in a dark, dry, and cool place will ensure the decarboxylated cannabis stays fresh, as well as potent.

If you need to keep it in the kitchen cupboard for longer than a few days, the mason jar decarboxylation method is ideal.

Also, using the same jar you decarboxylate in for oil, butter, or other infusions may add valuable terpenes to your final infusion.

Mason jar decarboxylation has advantages over traditional decarboxylation in an oven such as a reduced smell. In addition, the mason jar decarb method provides a mess-free, self-contained process.

Decarboxylation: Other Methods of Decarbing For Cannabis Edibles

Sous-Vide: Sous-vide decarboxylation takes place at a lower temperature, usually 204 degrees Fahrenheit (95 degrees Celsius) than regular decarboxylation. Sous-vide cooking involves vacuum-sealing food (cannabis in this case) within a bag and cooking at a precise temperature in water. The advantages of sous-vide decarboxylation include consistency, less mess to clean up, and results that are impossible to achieve with any other method. Cannabutter or cannabis oil can also be infused using this method.

Vaporization: After vaporizing dried cannabis, a consumer is left with brown, often brittle, cannabis flower material. Before throwing this material away, take a minute to reflect on the process of decarboxylation. Vaping dried cannabis achieves a very similar result, depending on the temperature of your vaporizer, and this ‘waste’ material can be used to infused butter, oil and more. The maximum temperature you should operate a vaporizer at if you want the use ‘Already Vaped Bud’ in cannabutter or cannabis oil is 440 degrees Fahrenheit (227 degrees Celsius). At higher temperatures, combustion begins to occur and the cannabis flower material is no longer useful for cannabis infusions. Vaped cannabis is often high in a cannabinoid known as CBN, a potent sedative. Using vaporized cannabis in infusions or edibles may have a different effect on the consumer than traditionally decarboxylated cannabis.

Traditional Decarboxylation: The easiest, and perhaps most popular, way to decarb cannabis is by using a traditional oven. Our method for easy cannabis decarboxylation can be found here. This method is highly recommended for those who are just beginning their journey into cannabis edibles. The mason jar and sous-vide methods are recommended for those with a little bit more experience with cannabis edibles and homemade infusions.

Machine Assisted Decarboxylation: The contemporary market for at-home cannabis cooking equipment has seen the release of many machines that can decarboxylate cannabis for you. Many of these machine’s primary function is to make cannabis infusions such as butter or oil, but, some of the newer devices will also decarboxylate cannabis for the consumer.

Cannabis oil is easy to make at home and can be tailor-made to suit your own personal needs.

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis: What is a Passive Decarboxylation?

Passive decarboxylation involves infusing butter or oil with cannabis, as well as decarboxylating it at the same time. This method is ideal for those who want a one-step process, as well as giving a cannabis consumer the ability to (somewhat) pair terpenes and ingredients to create a synergy like no other. A passive decarboxylation using a mason jar would involve infusing the oil or butter and cannabis in a mason jar without decarboxylating the cannabis separately.

Passive decarboxylation can be achieved through all of the decarboxylation processes outlined above, however, this method is only advised for those who have consumed cannabis edibles before the flavour of a cannabis infusion made with a passive decarboxylation is much stronger than an infusion that is made with a traditional, mason jar, or, sous-vide decarb.

Sharing this on social media helps us grow and provide the latest cannabis information and research available. Thank you for reading “Mason Jar Decarboxylation for Cannabis Edibles”.

Can men also use this homemade weed lube?

The consensus is that yes, men can absolutely use this homemade weed lube but men may not get consistent results across the board the way women do. MedMen explains that there's no hard and fast evidence on what exactly weed lube does for the body, though men should experience increased blood flow.

Ashley Manta of Cannasexual said that because the tissue is different, “you'd have to dip a penis into a jar of infused oil for 20 minutes theoretically, but I'm not even sure if that would do it.”

However, some men have expressed feeling less sensitivity with weed lube (which may be what you're looking for!) while other men rave about it.

Cannabis Milk – How to Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Milk

Cannabis-infused milk can be made with any type of milk available. This base-infusion (similar to oil and butter) can be used in a massive variety of cannabis edibles and offers a different flavour and consistency than cannabis-infused butter or oil.

For this cannabis and milk infusion, we will be using a crockpot/slow cooker. Different carrier substances (oil, butter, milk etc) have different smoking/burning points and the crockpot/slow cooker keeps a very consistent temperature throughout the infusion process.

A crockpot/slow cooker is also ideal for those who wish to leave the house during the infusion process.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the body’s reactions to cannabis. Knowing an appropriate dosage with regards to cannabis edibles requires experience with cannabis edibles in a safe environment.

Learn how to make cannabis-infused milk below.

Ingredients to Make Cannabis Milk

This recipe for cannabis milk can be made with any type of milk available. The milk will keep until the original use-by date on the package.

Depending on the THC content of your cannabis, this infusion may require more, or less, cannabis flower. Milk does not absorb as much THC as coconut oil or butter does.

Knowing an approximate flower to oil ratio that will suit individual needs is also important.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Milk: Equipment Needed

Cannabis-infused milk is easily made in a home kitchen with a few pieces of readily available kitchen equipment.

  • Large glass bowl or large pyrex-style measuring jug
  • Crockpot/slow cooker
  • Hand Strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • A container, such as the milk container, for the final product

This equipment is easily sourced online or from a local supermarket.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Milk

This method involves using a crockpot/slow cooker, but, cannabis-infused milk can also be made on a stovetop, in a mason jar, sous-vide, as well as the various machines (Magical Butter etc) available on the market that can make it for you.

  • In a large glass bowl or measuring jug, add decarboxylated cannabis and milk
  • Fill the crockpot with enough water to reach the halfway point of your large glass bowl or measuring jug
  • Place crockpot/slow cooker on medium-low heat and wait until the water has heated
  • Now, place the bowl of cannabis and milk into the water within the crockpot/slow cooker
  • You can cover this infusion, although it is not necessary.
  • Ensure the water does not get too low during the infusion process, some will evaporate
  • Leave in the crockpot/slow cooker for 3-4 hours, stirring every hour or so
  • Line a hand strainer with cheesecloth (3-4 pieces on top of one another) and strain cannabis milk back into its original container or a mason jar
  • Store in the refrigerator and enjoy responsibly
Cannabis milk is just as easy to make as cannabutter or cannabis coconut oil.

This easy method provides a simple, somewhat mess-free, solution for making infused cannamilk at home.

How Strong Will Cannabis-Infused Milk Be?

Many cannabis consumers do not know the correct flower to butter or oil ratio (for their own personal dose) and may use too much cannabis, or too little, in their milk, oils or butter. This can have an adverse effect on future cannabis edibles consumption and experiences as well as becoming somewhat confusing for those who are new to cannabis or cannabis edibles.

Although milk does not absorb as much THC as oil or butter does, it is still highly important to know an approximate THC content of any cannabis infusion.

The five variables when considering a flower to milk ratio are:

  • The Amount of Cannabis Used
  • The THC Content of the Cannabis
  • The Amount of Oil Infused
  • How Much Oil (or Other Substance) You Will Use
  • How Many Servings You Make

To read more about approximating a flower to butter/oil ratio when making cannabis infusions, click here.

What Kinds of Cannabis Edibles Can I Make With Cannabis-Infused Milk?

Cannabis-infused milk is highly versatile and will compliment many different dishes with a fragrant, herb-like taste. Cannabis milk can be used in baking and cooking and some of the cannabis edibles made with milk include:

  • Cannabis-infused smoothies and milkshakes
  • Infused pancakes
  • Cannabis-infused curries such as butter chicken
  • Canna Croissants
  • Infused milk chocolate

Cannabis edible chefs are incredibly creative and resourceful and cannabis milk will remain a permanent item in your infused arsenal because it is so versatile. Please comment below if you have ever made cannabis milk.

Cannabis smoothies and milkshakes are just one of the edible creations you can make using cannabis milk.
Learn how to decarboxylate cannabis properly with our guides found below. Decarboxylation is an essential process in cannabis edibles.

Decarbing Cannabis for Infusions and Edibles

Decarboxylation is the scientific process that takes place when cannabis is exposed to heat over time.

In scientific terms, decarboxylation refers to a reaction of carboxylic acids that remove a carbon atom from a chain of atoms present within a plant such as cannabis. When heat is applied to cannabis, it will remove a carboxyl group from the THCA cannabinoid (non-psychoactive) and creates the psychoactive Delta-9 THC. Decarboxylation also occurs when cannabis is smoked or vaporized.

Cannabis Milk: Is Decarbing Necessary?

Decarboxylation, or decarbing, is an essential process in making cannabis edibles. Cannabis is not psychoactive in its raw form and this process ensures that valuable cannabinoids, such as Delta-9 THC, are properly activated. In addition, the process of decarboxylation also prepares cannabis for bioavailability, a process that allows cannabis to have an effect as an edible substance.

Learning how to decarboxylate cannabis will become an essential foundation in any cannabis consumer’s knowledge.

Cannabis, such as this, will have little no to effect when eaten raw. Decarboxylation is a necessary process in cannabis edibles.

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis For Edibles

Usually, all that is needed to decarboxylate cannabis for infusions and edibles are cannabis buds, a baking tray, a conventional oven, and high-quality parchment paper. Our traditional decarboxylation method:

  • Preheat conventional oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit (115 Celsius)
  • Grind/break up cannabis in a coarse manner (do not over grind)
  • Line baking tray with parchment paper
  • Place ground cannabis evenly across the parchment paper
  • Once the oven has heated, place cannabis inside the oven
  • Set timer for 30 minutes
  • Once 30 minutes have passed, rearrange cannabis on parchment paper to ensure an even decarboxylation
  • Set timer for another 30 minutes
  • Turn oven off and remove decarboxylated cannabis
  • Set aside for 15 minutes
  • Now, you have learnt how to decarboxylate cannabis for edibles
  • Infuse into butter, oil etc

This cannabis material is now ideal for infusions and edible creations. Storing this cannabis in a dark, cool cupboard is recommended if the infusion cannot take place for days, or even weeks.

Decarboxylated cannabis can be infused into butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sugar, duck fat, sunflower oil, and many, many more substances. The sky is the limit for cannabis infusions.

Thank you for reading “How to Make Cannabis-Infused Milk”, sharing this on social media using the icons below helps us grow and provide the latest cannabis information available.

How Many Milligrams of THC in One Teaspoon of Oil?

When you buy an edible in a store, it will probably say something like “50 mg” or “100mg”. But what does that number mean and where does it come from? Can you figure it out for your homebaked edibles? Yes! Let’s do some motha-fn-math.

1 gram cannabis = 1000mg dry weight

On average, many marijuana strains contain about 10% THC (that percentage is generally higher if you're using buds as opposed to trim or shake).

That would mean that out of 1000mg of dry weight, 100mg of that would be THC.

Sounds easy, right? For every gram of cannabis you infuse into your oil, you’d get a 100mg edible. Right? Well cowboy, hold your horses. Some strains of marijuana are much higher than 10% THC, and could increase the THC content of your edible exponentially.

This Skywalker OG = 20% THC

This Mystery Nug = 10-23% THC

So… If we bake a big cookie using 1 gram of Skywalker OG, it would be approximately 200mg.

If we bake that same cookie using 1 gram of Maui, that cookie would be approximately 120mg.

And if we bake that cookie using 1 gram of mystery nugget, that cookie could be anywhere from 100-210mg.

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Additional Canna Oil Recipes

If you are wondering what type of dishes to prepare with your canna oil, we recommend several different ways of eating decarbed weed in our recipes. Whether you are looking to make baked goods, alcoholic drinks using weed oil, or infused recipes for food, the possibilities are endless. Some of our most popular canna recipes include:

Keep in mind the proper dosages for your recipe of choice. We must also note that the consumption of marijuana for is age-restricted. If there are children at home, take all proper precautions to ensure they don’t ingest weed oil or cannabis butter or accidentally add it to their food.

Perfect Decarb Tool

If you are looking for the best way to decarb marijuana, we recommend you purchase the Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator to get the perfect decarb each time. Whether you are looking to make canna oil or cannabutter. Our goal is to provide some inspiration for your cannabis cooking adventures. Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal user, there are lots of ways for you to use cannabutter or canna oil in the kitchen. Share your favorite recipe in the comments!

There are also direct uses of THC oil. Some people decide to put a few drops of the oil below their tongue for it to have an almost immediate sublingual effect. As mentioned earlier, using coconut and sweeter oils in the preparation of your canna oil will help remove the odor and give it a better smell. Lastly, savory canna oils pair better with more savory dishes, just as you would expect.


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