Salad "Emerald"

Ingredients for Emerald Salad

  1. Parmesan cheese 100 g.
  2. Chicken egg 3 pcs.
  3. Ham 200 g
  4. Ceps or champignons (fresh or frozen) 150 g.
  5. Onion 1 pc.
  6. Sour cream (mayonnaise) 150 g.
  7. Cucumber 2 pcs.
  8. Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. spoons
  9. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Ham, Cucumber, Mushrooms
  • Serving 4 servings


Saucepan - 2 amount, Cutting board, Knife, Grater, Deep bowl, Wide frying pan, Cooker, Large serving dish

Cooking Emerald Salad:

Step 1: Prepare the mushrooms and eggs.

From what mushrooms you have, the time of their cooking will depend. For champignons - 5 minutes. For porcini mushrooms - 35-40 minutes (regularly removing foam). But in the second case, having spent much more time, you still will not regret the result, since your work will pay off with the higher taste qualities of ceps. But champignons also have their advantages: time saving and greater accessibility. Eggs - information for repetition - until a steep state we cook a little more 10 minutes, take out and peel.

Step 2: Fry the mushrooms and onions.

We take out the boiled mushrooms from the pan, cut into 1x1 cm cubes and fry in vegetable oil in a pan. The ready state of the mushrooms will come in 15 minutes. We do the same with onions (cut and fry), but the latter needs to be chopped harder. To save dishes and time for washing it is better to fry onions and mushrooms together in one pan.

Step 3: Mix the ingredients.

Now we turn ham and eggs into cubes of approximately equal size, we rub the cheese on a coarse grater. After thoroughly mix the listed ingredients with ready-made onions and mushrooms in a bowl. Add sour cream or mayonnaise to the mixture, salt and stir well again. It remains to cut the cucumbers into thin circles, and do it better at an angle - this is how more universal figures for the design of the dish turn out. We will give them a funny name - "cucumber ovals."

Step 4: Serve the Emerald Salad to the table.

The mixture is transferred to a serving dish so that a slide forms. Cucumbers cut by ovals are placed as decoration on top. 10 - 15 minutes, the salad should be left to soak well. Can be served. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Using cucumbers as a decoration, you are limited only by your own imagination. Believe me, you can create very beautiful and varied compositions from ovally sliced ​​vegetables. And to expand the color scheme of your culinary design, it may well be suitable: radishes, bell peppers, black olives ...

- - Onions can be replaced with slightly less garlic. And ham is easily replaced by boiled sausage.

- - Using spices, you can make the salad easily digestible. For example, adding black pepper or frying mushrooms with turmeric, thereby adding pungency to the salad.

- - We recommend eating this salad fresh. You should not cook more than you and your guests can eat, because even in the refrigerator it will not only lose some of its taste, but can also deteriorate quickly (which is especially true for mayonnaise).