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Steamed rice

Steamed rice

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Steamed Rice Ingredients

  1. Rice 2 cups
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Rinse water
  • Main Ingredients


Bowl, Spoon, Glass, Portion plates, Stove, Saucepan, Colander (aluminum or iron), Steamer (slow cooker)

Steaming rice:

Step 1: Prepare Fig.

Since rice is our main ingredient, we will pay more attention to it. In order to choose the right rice, you need to know in advance what you want to cook from it. For example, round-grain rice contains a large amount of starch, which is why it sticks together during cooking and is great for preparing casseroles, cereals and sushi. Long-grain rice is perfect for cooking, because it does not stick together and moderately absorbs water, which is why I advise you to choose it. First, you need to sort out the rice, removing the dark grains of rice and other grains that fell by chance. After that, we wash the rice in cool water several times to remove dust and dirt. When the water becomes clear, you can use rice for cooking. If you cook rice in two ways, then do not forget to divide the washed cereals into different plates. For steamed rice, there is one feature - before cooking it needs to be soaked in cold water for 1 hour, so that it swells a little and it is easier for it to soak in steam.

Step 2: Steam the rice in two ways.

Method 1: On the stove. For this method, we need a saucepan and a colander that can be conveniently fixed on it. We fill the pan halfway with clean water, cover with a lid and let it boil. When the water began to boil, remove the lid, and fix the colander on the pan, into which we pour out our rice. Remember that the bottom of the colander should not touch the water. Rice will be in a cloud of steam and will cook in this way. From above the colander needs to be covered with the same lid. You’ll spend 25-30 minutes cooking rice in this way, remembering to stir occasionally. Then you need to turn off the hotplate, and let the rice brew for another 10 minutes, after which it can be served. Method 2: In a double boiler (slow cooker). Cooking rice in a double boiler, in my opinion, is more convenient. You just need to put the rice in a special bowl, which we put in a double boiler and set the timer for half an hour. When the timer beeps, you need to open the double boiler, stir a little rice to separate the grains, and put it on for another 10 minutes. The rice is ready and you can serve it on the table.

Step 3: Serve steamed rice.

We put ready rice in portioned plates, salt to taste and serve as a side dish with main dishes. You can add a little butter or pour rice with soy sauce. Fresh vegetables salads and grated cheese are well suited to rice. Steamed rice is equally healthy in any of the ways listed above. Try both and decide which way you like more and more convenient. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - To make the rice more flavorful, add some spices, for example, black peppercorns, bay leaf, curry, saffron, rosemary. Lemon or orange peel and dried greens also add flavor. When cooking the first method, you need to add spices directly to the water. In the second case, you need to add spices when you mix the rice and re-set the timer.

- - Brown rice is more useful than white, due to minimal processing, but its cooking time is longer than that of white, and is approximately 40 minutes and 1 hour for the first and second methods, respectively.

- - Steam rice is suitable for making cabbage rolls or pies.

- - Rice, not fully cooked, slightly dense in the middle, is more useful.


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