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Chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclair Ingredients

  1. Premium wheat flour 1,5 tbsp.
  2. Water 1 tbsp.
  3. Butter 300g.
  4. Chicken eggs 6 pcs.
  5. Milk (any fat content) 2 tbsp.
  6. Sugar - 1 tbsp. taste
  7. Vanilla sugar 1 sachet.
  8. Dark chocolate 250g.
  9. Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l
  • Main Ingredients Flour, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 4 servings


Large pan, Small pan, Bowl, Spoon, Pastry bag, Baking tray, Whisk, Knife, Mixer, Cooker with oven, Serving plate

Making chocolate eclairs:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

Pour cold boiled water into a pan, add oil and salt. Bring to a boil. Then add the flour, mix with a spoon and remove from heat. Add one egg to the slightly cooled dough, whisk with a mixer. Then, also one at a time, introduce another 3 eggs, whisking well with a mixer. After all the eggs are added, beat another 2 minutes.

Step 2: preparing blanks for eclairs.

Transfer the dough into a pastry bag and squeeze thin strips onto a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil. Bake in the oven near 25 minutes at 180until golden.

Step 3: prepare the custard.

2 cups of milk, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of flour and sugar whisk whisk. Pour into a saucepan and put on medium heat, stirring constantly. It is very important to stir constantly, otherwise the cream may burn. As soon as the cream begins to boil, put on the slowest fire and continue to stir constantly until thickened. When the cream becomes thick, remove it from the heat. Immediately add a bag of vanilla sugar, cocoa and butter, mix with a spoon.

Step 4: start the eclairs with cream.

Make cuts at both ends of the eclair blanks and fill with cream using a pastry syringe.

Step 5: prepare the icing.

Melt the chocolate with 1 tbsp. a spoon of vegetable oil in a steam bath. To do this, put the broken chocolate and vegetable oil in a small pan. Fill a larger pan with water, bring the water to a boil. Then put a small pot of chocolate in a pot of boiling water. Mix the chocolate until a homogeneous liquid mass.

Step 6: glaze the eclairs.

Gently dip the eclairs into the prepared glaze and place to dry on a baking sheet. To freeze the icing faster, you can put the chocolate eclairs in the refrigerator.

Step 7: serve the chocolate eclairs.

Serve delicate, airy eclairs for tea or coffee. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can bake eclairs in reserve, store them in a bag so that they do not dry out, and then you can fill them with filling and glaze at any time convenient for you.

- - You can cook eclairs with curd cream. For this cream, you need to beat 250 g with a mixer. cottage cheese, 50 gr. soft butter 3 tbsp. l Sahara.

- - Using this recipe for dough and cream, you can also bake profiteroles - these are round and small eclairs no more than 4 cm in diameter. To bake them, you need to spread the finished dough with a spoon on a greased baking sheet. Then, as well as eclairs, fill the cakes with cream and glaze.