Disability Organization Rewards Restaurants With 'Cerebral Palsy Beer' to Get Handicapped Access

In order to get restaurants to be more handicap-friendly, the GIL is taking a new approach

In a new incentive to get disability-friendly, a new beer is being given as a reward to Swedish restaurants and bars with handicap access.

CPA, or Cerebral Palsy Ale, is a cross between American pale ale and Indian pale ale. The bottle features a picture of a woman with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair. The Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (GIL), the organization behind the product, hopes that the beer will bring disability and the lack of wheelchair access in restaurants to the forefront of discussion.

In 2010, a law was passed in Sweden that demanded “level floor access and accessible toilets” in all restaurants and bars, yet was not enforced. The GIL hopes that their "non-traditional" and creative approach to awareness will cause a stir, leading to structural change in other venues.

Launched in April at the beer and whisky fair in Gothenburg, the Cerebral Palsy Ale was positively received. So far, GIL has brewed around two thousand liters of the high quality ale.

CPA is not the only controversial campaign that GIL has launched. Last year, the “retard doll” was released. The cooperative hoped that people would buy this doll, and choose to “belittle it,” rather than a real disabled person.

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