Skip the Lines and Grab Coffee Quickly With Wawa’s New Mobile Ordering

Skip the Lines and Grab Coffee Quickly With Wawa’s New Mobile Ordering

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Now rewards members can order on the go

The company currently has 750 stores in six states.

If Wawa is your go-to spot for food and drinks, life is about to get a lot easier. The convenience store recently announced that it has launched its mobile ordering option for its rewards members, making it easier to use the app to skip the lines.

According to a survey conducted by the company, more than 67 percent of Wawa rewards members reported ordering or purchasing food through their phones within the last month. To better fit their customers’ needs, Wawa enabled the offering to “go beyond filling customer orders” and “to fulfill customers’ lives every day.”

“We recognize that our customers are increasingly busy and constantly on-the-go, and by offering mobile ordering, we will be able to offer a convenience that allows our customers to order wherever they are, at any time they want,” Jim Morey, executive vice president at Wawa, said in a statement.

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