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2 countertops are made.

Top 1 will contain the same ingredients as the second one except that it will have 4 tablespoons of cocoa as opposed to the other one which will contain only 1.


For a countertop, mix 3 cups of flour with half a sugar, with baking powder, 4 tablespoons of cocoa, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar then add water, oil and jam. Homogenize and pour the composition into a tray lined with oil and flour and bake for about half an hour.

Following the same principle we will make the second countertop except that we put only 1 tablespoon of cocoa.

Separately beat the whipped cream in the mixer and melt the chocolate in a bain-marin.

Add some of the whipped cream to the chocolate.

We will cut the countertops and insert the sheets for an extra originality.

We decorate according to preference, taking care to introduce fruits inside as well.


Fasting cake with chocolate, walnuts and rum & # 8211 recipe simple and easy to prepare. It is a delicious cake, with fine and tasty cream, in which I put chocolate with vegetable milk.

Initially I wanted to prepare a fasting cake, but I thought the amount was too large for a cake tray, so I chose a round shape. At this moment, my light bulb came on and I thought that a cake with chocolate, walnuts and fasting rum would be the best solution. And I chose well, I am satisfied with the final result.

I hope you will try the recipe, because it is one of the most delicious fasting cake recipes with chocolate, walnut and rum.


For the countertop:

2 sugar sachets with rum flavor

150 ml of sunflower oil

For the cream:

150 g organic dark chocolate min. 50% cocoa with vegetable milk

100 g chocolate minimum 70% cocoa & # 8211 with vegetable milk

250 ml coconut cream or vegetable cream

For syrup:

For decoration:

First we prepare the countertop. Mix the solid ingredients in a bowl and separate the liquid ones.

Gradually incorporate the liquids into the flour mixture with sugar, cocoa and baking powder, stirring each time until smooth. Pour the dough into the form with removable walls lined with baking paper and bake the top in the preheated oven at 180 ° C until it passes the toothpick test (60-70 min.)

Remove the baking tray and let it cool on a grill, then slice it to get 3 tops, but be careful to level the top (we will put it at the bottom of the cake if it does not look very aesthetic).

Prepare the syrup by boiling the water with the sugar and adding the rum essence after removing from the heat. We syrup the tops when assembling the cake. We start to prepare the cream by melting dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of microwave water, then we mix it with coconut butter (preferably!) Or margarine.

Add the rum and finely chopped walnut essence and mix. Mix the coconut cream (or whipped cream) with powdered sugar until it hardens a little and incorporate it into the melted chocolate mixed with walnuts. We assemble the cake keeping a little cream and for the upper part of it.

To make the decoration, melt the dark chocolate, mix it with 2 tablespoons of almond milk and 1 tablespoon of oil, then coat the cake with it. We finish the decoration with finely chopped walnuts.

Flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt are sifted together. Start the oven at 180 C.
Dissolve the sugar in water, add the oil and vanilla. This composition is poured over the flour mixture and homogenized. Add the vinegar and mix well.
Pour into a wallpaper and bake for 30 minutes. at 180 C, then decrease temp. at 170 C and leave approx. 30min. Try the toothpick - if it is baked. Remove from the pan and allow to cool on a grill.

Boil the tofu in 2-3 boils, remove it, fold it in a gauze and put it to drain in a sieve over it put a weight (I used a 1.5l bottle of water). Leave for about 30 minutes. It will drop from 600g to almost 400g.

The cherries drain well of the juice.

150g of drained tofu mix well with lemon juice.
Put the compote juice on the right heat together with fructose (sugar), gelatin, salt and keep stirring constantly until it starts to boil, make a low heat, pour the oil and leave for about 1-2 minutes. mixing (1). Turn off the heat and pour this mixture over the tofu mixed with lemon juice (2) and mix a little. Pour into a bowl and cool on an ice bath, stirring constantly.
Separately mix the rest of the tofu well. Pour the resulting composition over it (3) and mix a little more. Pour into a bowl (4) and refrigerate for 2 hours.

The top is cut on 3 levels. Spread the cream on the first countertop and sprinkle cherries over it, repeat the operation with the second countertop. Put the third countertop and cover the cake with cream. Decorate with a few cherries.
I sprinkled some "crumbs" on the counter, instead of the grated beak.
Unfortunately, I don't have the section. just the end.

The cake recipe with fasting cherries was proposed by CristinaK on the culinary forum.

Fasting recipes

Today I share the recipe for a special soup. What's so special about this soup? Its simplicity and ingredients. The & quotiasca yellow mushroom & quot or the "forest chicken" as it is also known, has a special aroma. It's a pretty fibrous mushroom

It is an easy to prepare, quick and delicious recipe. We can also call the cake "Childhood taste", because we enjoy it from childhood, especially during fasting or autumn, during the apple season. AND now let's get to work. & Icircntr-un

Bake the donuts in a pot of tuci in oil, put them in a bowl with a lid and press them with salt, so they will be easy to clean the skins. When they cool down, clean the skins under running water, remove the elbows and let them drain on the sink. It's clean

Rinse the vine and horseradish leaves and scald. Boil the water and when the water boils, turn off the heat and bathe the leaves in boiling water, then rinse with cold water and let it drain. They are served by meat, mushrooms, onions, carrots

Because it is the season of fresh vegetables of all kinds, I chose to prepare a yellow bean soup with zucchini. Peel and wash the vegetables. In a pot with a capacity of 3 l, fry in a little oil and add the onion.

Dissolve the yeast in warm water, then add the sugar and olive oil, stirring vigorously. Pour the resulting composition over the flour mixed with half a teaspoon of salt and knead well. The resulting dough is greased with olive oil to

Break the cauliflower bouquets and boil in salted water for 5 minutes. Remove the cauliflower and cook the pasta in the same water for 5-8 minutes. After boiling, the pasta is drained and passed under a stream of cold water. Wash the tomatoes

Clean the mushrooms with a brush of any impurities. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Peel and finely chop the red onion and garlic. Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a saucepan and sauté the mushrooms and yolks.

Peel an onion, chop and fry in a little oil. When the onion is translucent, add the finely chopped donut and let it penetrate, then add the diced tomatoes, add another cup of water, about 100 ml. if left

The fish are gutted, but left with their heads down. Grease with a little oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry on the grill or in the grill pan. When they are ready, they are kept warm. Place the peppers and tomatoes separately

We cut a cap from the tomatoes and with a teaspoon we dig out the whole core, then we put them with the hole & icircn down so that they drain well. Meanwhile, boil the cauliflower and pumpkin. We're trying to find out if it's ready.

We wash the eggplants and cut them in half lengthwise. We cut them and rub them well with salt. We cut the garlic into thin slices that we insert between the notches. Mix the olive oil with the paprika and pepper and add it

Heat the hob well, over medium heat, on the stove. Peel a squash, grate it and put it on the stove. They are browned, turning them, with tongs, on all sides, gradually, and checking that they do not burn. In order not to dry out,

In the pot of the dough-shaped mixer we put flour, salt, baking powder and oil and we start to knead it and gradually add water until a dough is formed. Knead and add the olives, knead for a few minutes and leave it covered for about half an hour. cut

Put the washed chickpeas in the Crock Pot 3.5 l slow cooker bowl together with 2 l of water, salt and pepper. Leave to cook on the high function for 4 hours. After the chickpeas have boiled, we drain it of the water in which it boiled, but we stop for a while. Pass the chickpeas with the blender

The beans are taken out of the freezer in the evening and left to thaw in the refrigerator. Rinse with water and put in a strainer. Cut the onion into small pieces and fry in oil until it becomes glassy. Add the carrot, cleaned and put on a fine grater. It's hard

We mix the grated apples more carefully with the sugar, then with the oil and mineral water. I must mention that I had grated apples in a jar, prepared for autumn. Gradually add the flour mixed with baking powder and a pinch of salt,

Peel the apples, carefully remove the stalks and place them in the bowl of the Crock-Pot slow cooker, lined with baking paper. & Icircn inside the apples, we put more & icircnt & acirci c & acircte 2-3 pieces of shit, so & icircnc & acirct

We clean and wash the vegetables, chop them into cubes and add them to the Crock-Pot. We add over them boiling water & icircn which we dissolved a little salt, so & icircnc & acirct the vessel to fill about three

Chop the cabbage more coarsely and rub it with a little salt. We put the oil in a bowl on the fire, heat it and heat the chopped onion scales, but not definitively, so as not to get that intense taste of onions. We leave it to begin

Fasting chocolate cake - recipe

Tort ingredient:

Glaze ingredients:

Method of preparation

Prepare a tray or a small round shape (15 cm.) In which you will put the cake.

Grease it with a little oil (including on the walls) and place baking paper on the bottom.

If you want to use a larger form, double the amounts of ingredients, keeping the indicated proportions.

Finely chop the chocolate with a knife. Put it in a glass bowl.

Heat the coconut milk. When it is ready to boil, pour it over the chocolate.

Wait a minute, then stir continuously until the chocolate is completely dissolved.

The oat flakes are then added to the chocolate composition obtained.

Stir to mix. This will be the composition of the cake.

If you want, you can add other ingredients, such as raisins, candied cranberries, dried blueberries, chopped apricots, etc.

Transfer the composition to the tray. Level and cover with plastic wrap on top so that it does not dry out.

Refrigerate the cake for a few hours. It is best to leave it cold until the next day.

Unfold the culinary ring and gently detach the cake from the walls of the form with a knife.

Remove the cake to a plate and prepare the icing.

Heat the milk in a kettle. Chop the chocolate and place in a bowl. Pour hot milk over it and after a minute, mix until a homogeneous icing results.

Pour the chocolate over the cake.

Put the cake back in the fridge and wait for the icing to harden for about half an hour.

If you want to decorate the cake with other additional ingredients, you can use various fruits or ground walnuts.

Unusual fasting cake with interesting cream - affordable, fast, tasty!

Lent cake with chocolate. This cake is unusual because it is prepared without eggs, cream, milk and butter. But the result is particularly good, the cream is fluffy and tastes like meringue.


For the countertop:

-300 ml of cherry compote (from canned cherries)

For the cream:

-350 ml of cherry compote (juice)

-1 tablespoon of lemon juice

-2 tablespoons semolina.


1.Prepare the cream. Pour the compote into a saucepan, add sugar and semolina, then mix.

2. Put the pan on the fire and cook the mixture until it becomes dense, for 5-6 minutes.

3.Add the lemon juice and mix. Allow the cream to cool to room temperature.

4.Prepare the worktop. Combine flour, baking powder and cocoa, then sift the mixture into a bowl.

5.Add sugar and mix.

6. In a separate bowl, mix the compote with oil. Pour the liquid into the bowl with dry ingredients and mix the dough.

7. Line the base of the form (20 cm) with baking paper, then grease the form with oil.

8. Transfer the dough to the mold, shake it a little and put it in the preheated oven at 180 ° С for 40-45 minutes. Take the toothpick test.

9. Allow the countertop to cool completely.

10. Beat the cream with the mixer, at maximum speed, for 3-4 minutes. The cream will increase in volume, will become lighter in color and will resemble in consistency with whipped cream, and in taste - with cherry meringue.

11.Cut the top of the sponge cake (you will use it for decoration), then cut it in half, enough to get 2 countertops, using a thread.

12.Assemble the cake. Place the top in the pastry ring, add more than half the cream and, optionally, cherry compote.

13. Follow the second cream-covered countertop. Do not forget to keep 2-3 tablespoons of cream for the sides of the cake.

14. Refrigerate the cake for about 2 hours, then remove the ring and grease the sides with the remaining cream.

15.Crush the cut piece of the countertop and sprinkle the cake with crumbs.

16. Decorate the cake as desired and inspired.

We are sure that anyone who tastes this dessert will be amazed to find out from which ingredients this wonderful cream is prepared. The cake is a real breakthrough for the fasting period.

We prepare the ingredients for the fasting biscuit cake

We break the biscuits in a bowl, but we also leave bigger pieces, in order to give the cake a more pleasant appearance.

Cut the walnut kernel coarsely and as evenly as possible, if possible.

We cut the shit into smaller cubes.

Hydrate the raisins in water with rum essence.

Preparation and assembly of fasting biscuit cake

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

We caramelize 3 tablespoons of sugar, or more, or less, depending on how sweet we want the cake, but we must keep in mind that most of the ingredients are sweet.
Dissolve the cocoa in a little cold water, then add the rest of the water added to the ingredients and gradually pour this mixture over the caramelized sugar on the fire.
Stir vigorously, but be very careful not to burn the vapors, then let the syrup simmer until the sugar melts and solidifies on contact with water.
Remove the syrup from the heat, add the vanilla sugar, a little salt and rum essence and pour it hot over the ingredients in the bowl, mixing everything well, to penetrate the biscuits and homogenize the mixture.

Wallpaper a cake form with foil, spread the composition in it and press it well.

Shape in the fridge for at least an hour, then we can turn the cake on the plate and garnish it with coconut or cocoa.

Fasting cake "Willow buds" - recipe

Dough ingredient

& # 8211 300 g of flour
& # 8211 150 g of sugar
& # 8211 250 ml of apple, peach and / or orange juice
& # 8211 100 ml of oil
& # 8211 1 teaspoon baking powder
& # 8211 1 teaspoon baking soda
& # 8211 1/3 teaspoon salt
& # 8211 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
& # 8211 lemon essence

Cream ingredients

& # 8211 500 ml of apple, peach and / or orange juice
& # 8211 3 tablespoons semolina

Method of preparation

The cake prepared according to this recipe requires a tray or a round shape with a diameter of 24 cm.

You will make the top first. Put the flour in a sieve and sift it into a large bowl, in which you will make the top composition.

Now add the other dry ingredients: baking powder, baking soda, plain sugar and vanilla sugar. Stir to mix.

Add the fruit juice and oil and mix well with a fork. You need to get a thick composition, like blackberry.

If the dough is too thin, add more flour. If it is too hot, add more fruit juice.

Grease the tray / mold with a little oil and spread baking paper in it. Pour the composition into the pan and level with a spatula to obtain a uniform surface.

Beat the table tray for a few hours to sit well and remove air gaps.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Leave the countertop for 35-40 minutes. Before removing the top completely from the oven, check that it is well baked in the middle using a toothpick.

After the top is baked, let it sit in the pan for half an hour. To make it easier to remove, peel off the surrounding walls with a thin knife.

Allow the countertop to cool completely.

In the meantime, you can proceed with the preparation of the cream. Put the fruit juice in a pot. Place it on the stove and let the heat simmer.

Pour the semolina in the rain and mix with a fork. From the moment it starts to boil, stir continuously until it thickens.

It takes a few minutes for the semolina to boil. After it has softened, pour it into a bowl and place a plastic wrap on the surface of the semolina.

This will prevent the formation of crust on top.

When the porridge has cooled, mix it with the mixer on high speed until it lightens in color and increases in volume.

If the cream is ready, you can start assembling the cake.

Place the first countertop on a flat plate or tray. Put half the amount of cream on the counter and level.

Place the other half on the counter and cover with the rest of the cream. Grease the edges well.

Halva given on a grater is used for decoration. You will see that the cake is really starting to look like willow buds.

If you don't have halva, you can decorate the cake with grated chocolate, almonds or chopped walnuts or coconut.

It is not advisable to cut the cake immediately. It must be put in the fridge for a few hours for the cream to harden and the flavors to blend.

Article source: Light Recipes, Fast and low-calorie cake "Willow Matis" (fasting): https://retete-usoare.eu/tortul-rapid-si-hipocaloric-matisorii-de-salcie-de-post/

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Lent cake with chocolate

Even if we are fasting, this does not mean that we have to forget about sweets. Here is a special recipe for this period, which can be easily prepared and which will surely bring joy to everyone.

  • Wheat - 420 gr flour
  • 200 gr Green Sugar sweetener
  • 40 gr black cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons
  • bicarbonate
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 150 ml vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 480 ml hot water (or coffee) Cream - 400 ml coconut milk
  • 30 gr Green Sugar sweetener
  • 280 gr dark chocolate (fasting)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder Glaze - 70 gr chopped dark chocolate 2 teaspoons coconut oil (or other vegetable oil
  • but not olives)

Counter Preheat the oven to 170C and line two trays with baking paper - 18 cm in diameter.

Mix the sugar with mineral water, walnuts, baking powder, flour and put the composition in a form greased with oil and lined with flour, or lined with baking paper. Bake at the right heat.

Like any countertop, syrup: 200 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 ampoule of rum essence.

Read also: Blackberry fasting recipe. The secret that makes her extremely fluffy

Cream of your choice. Changing the cream also changes the taste every time.

For the cream you can use simple vegetable cream or mixed with ground walnuts (or hazelnuts) if you fry a little walnuts or hazelnuts is better. You can also mix whipped cream with fruit: strawberries, raspberries or a mixture of berries.

Another variant of cream is that of instant cream sachets in which milk is replaced with mineral water, juice or coffee, as desired.

Lent cake with chocolate cream (vegan chocolate cake)

During the fasts over the year, I think that all those who want to keep these fasts have difficulties in compiling a festive menu that includes a fasting cake. That is, to celebrate his birthday by blowing out the candle on the cake. As was the case with my little boy's birthday.

And I'm referring here to a fasting cake that should NOT be made with a cream containing margarine but to one with slightly healthier ingredients. I know that many of you use margarine as a substitute for fasting butter, but I avoid using it in general cooking.

Margarine is quite controversial and I don't even like its taste. So I prefer alternatives, I hope, much healthier. In this cake I used vegetable oil for the countertop and coconut butter for the cream. Also a rice milk from SanoVita that I thought was very suitable for this

So the variant of this fasting cake with chocolate cream it seems to me an ideal one when in these periods you need such a dessert with which to celebrate either the birthday or the name.

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Obviously, the recipe is also good for those who have a vegan lifestyle, ie do not consume animal products all year round. Which is why I added in the title and name of vegan chocolate cake.

Basically, if you are already following the blog, ie if you are a subscriber to receive recipes by email or if you follow the activity on the Facebook or Instagram page, you already know how to do it because we have published separately the fasting cake and ganache network vegan chocolate.

If we can do everything "end to end" the cake is as if made by reading only the separate recipes, published so far. Only one element or rather ingredient is missing: the jam. And obviously the sets.

But let's take it from the beginning and see how one is made Lent cake with chocolateyour or in other words a vegan chocolate cake.

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