Orange candy

Ingredients for Making Orange Sweets

  1. Oranges 3 pcs.
  2. Sugar 1.5 cups + for deboning
  3. Chocolate without additives (milk, bitter) 100 g
  4. Butter 1 teaspoon. a spoon
  5. Water 2 cups (for syrup) + for cooking zest
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Cocoa and Chocolate, Sugar
  • Portion 5-10


Knife, Cutting board, Tweezers, Glass, Tea spoon, Spoon or culinary spatula, Parchment paper, Colander, Plate, Pans, Bowls (different diameters, for a water bath), Refrigerator, Vase for serving

Making orange sweets:

Step 1: Prepare the oranges.

First you need to thoroughly rinse the oranges with running water, you can slightly scrape them with a clean scraper, a hard sponge. This is necessary to get rid of a possible wax coating on the zest, which is sometimes applied in stores for greater shine. We cut each orange in half, and then each half again in half. Gently remove the skin from the quarters, and eat the flesh, or leave to prepare another dish. Pay attention to the inner surface of the peel - if there are too many white "viscera", it is better to carefully scrape them with a knife. We cut the zest into thin strips, about 5 millimeters thick each. And then proceed to the preparation of sweets!

Step 2: Cook the orange zest.

Pour cold water into the pan and spread the sliced ​​zest. We put the saucepan on the fire, and bring the water to a boil. As soon as the water boils, do not rush to remove it from the fire, you need to boil the zest for 2-3 minutes. We put the zest in a colander and pour boiling water, and pour cold water into the pan again and spread the zest. But this time, from above it is necessary to establish a barrier in the form, for example, of a plate, so that the zest cannot float to the surface and sink as much as possible under a layer of water. We bring the water to a boil again and boil the orange peel for half an hour. After time, remove the pan from the heat and leave it to cool. If you are not in a hurry, it is better for today to finish cooking and leave the zest to cool until tomorrow.

Step 3: Cook the orange zest in syrup.

As you know, citrus zest, even orange, is bitter, so that sweets turned out to be tasty and sweet, we will boil slices of zest in syrup. And we’ll prepare the syrup like this: again, pour 2 cups of cold clean water into a saucepan and add 1 cup of granulated sugar. Stir and bring the syrup to a boil. We are waiting for the sugar to completely dissolve, then reduce the heat and dip the boiled slices of zest in the syrup. Mix them with a spoon or a culinary spatula and simmer them for about 1 hour. Do not forget to stir the crust during the cooking process. When the specified time expires, we spread the parchment on the table and begin to take turns laying out the pieces of zest caught from the pan with tweezers, for example. Solve the distance between the pieces, do not let them touch. Leave to solidify for an hour and a half. Has the zest cooled down? We send it again to syrup, mix and leave it to soak for an hour.

Step 4: Melt the chocolate.

To melt chocolate, we will need either a pan with thick walls or 2 bowls of different diameters to organize a water bath. Choose the option that suits you best. Break the chocolate bar into cubes and put it in a container with a piece of butter. Stir and wait for it to completely melt.

Step 5: Cooking Orange Candies

So, we have slices of zest boiled in syrup, melted chocolate and some sugar in a flat plate for deboning. We pick up a piece of zest with tweezers, roll it in sugar and dip it in chocolate, and then put it on a sheet of parchment for hardening. There are several cooking options, try all of them - completely roll the zest in sugar and completely dip in chocolate, one half in sugar and the other in chocolate, and other variations that I think you can guess! Leave the sweets at room temperature for half an hour, and then remove the parchment in the refrigerator until the sweets solidify for 1 hour.

Step 6: Serve the finished orange sweets.

We take out the frozen candies from the refrigerator and transfer them to a beautiful vase for serving. Serve these sweets, like any other, at the end of lunch or dinner, along with a hot drink. They are very tasty and will surely please you and your guests! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You should not cut off all the white "guts" of the zest, otherwise it will turn into jam during cooking.

- - If during the preparation of sweets directly, the chocolate has frozen, you can reheat it in a water bath.

- - You can make sweets by dipping them not in sugar, but in chopped nuts. To do this, almonds and peanuts are well suited, which, before chopping, it is better to calcine in a dry frying pan.

- - Use only melted chocolate as the icing, as icing from cocoa and milk hardens very quickly.