Dried melon

Dried melon

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Ingredients for Cured Melon

  1. Melons of Central Asian varieties 1.5 kg
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving


Knife, Cutting board, Paper napkins, Tablespoon, Baking tray or tray (hangers), Culinary spatula, Gauze, Wooden drawers (boxes), Parchment, Flat plate for serving

Cooking dried melon:

Step 1: Prepare the melons.

Drying requires sugary melons with hard, juicy pulp, and only ripe, healthy and undamaged fruits will do. Our very first action in this preparation is preliminary drying. That is, the melons that we plan to dry should be laid out in the courtyard on the ground or on the balcony on 2 days. After the expiration date, check the melons, removing the overripe fruits or fruits with signs of decay.

Step 2: Wash the melon.

The prepared melons should be washed with running water and a soapy solution, and then allowed to air dry. You can speed up the drying process by removing excess moisture with paper towels, but it will still take time for the melon to completely to dry.

Step 3: Cut the melons.

When the melons dry, we proceed to cutting. We will cut in half lengthwise along with the peel. What do we see? A soft core with seeds, which must be removed with a tablespoon. The remaining solid part of the fruit must be cut into strips, a thickness of 3 centimeters. With each slice, cut off the crust and the adjacent green layer.

Step 4: Weal the melons.

Sliced ​​pieces of melon on a tray, baking sheet or wire rack so that they not in contact with each other. We cover them gauze - this must be done so that the wasps do not damage the slices of the melons. Every 2 days you need to carefully turn the strips of melons with a cooking spatula so that the process of removing moisture occurs evenly. In this state, melons should be 12-14 days.

Step 5: Remove the sun-dried melons for storage.

Ready-made dried melons need to be divided - we will give part for tea, for sample, and part we will put in small wooden boxes or boxes, the bottom of which must be covered with parchment. Melons should be woven tourniquet or a pigtail - so they are better stored.

Step 6: Serve the ready-made dried melons.

Sun-dried melon is a tasty and healthy dried fruit, and you can eat it the same way as any dried fruit, more familiar. This product can be used as a filling for pies or casseroles. Try serving a pigtail of dried melon with fragrant freshly brewed tea - you will be satisfied! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can also fade melons in another way - when cutting slices, do not cut them completely, leave 3-4 centimeters at the edges. Such slices need to be hung on hangers and also covered with gauze. But you don’t need to turn melons during drying.

- - The finished dried melon has a light brown or light yellow color.

- - The following varieties of melons are best suited for drying: Gulyabi, Kolkhoznitsa, Persian, Pineapple, Ditma.