Sterlet Jelly

Sterlet Jelly

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Sterlet Jelly Ingredients

  1. Sterlet fresh 1 piece.
  2. Carrot 1 piece.
  3. Gelatin 50 grams.
  4. Onions 1 piece.
  5. Dill greens to taste.
  6. Parsley to taste
  7. Fresh cherry tomatoes 2-3 pieces.
  8. Lemon 1 piece.
  9. Bay leaf 2 pieces.
  10. Black peppercorns 5 pieces.
  11. Clove 1 piece.
  12. Kitchen salt to taste.
  • Main ingredients Sterlet, Carrot, Tomato
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Kettle, Sharp knife, Kitchen stove, Refrigerator, Plastic bag, Wooden cutting board, Deep pan with a double bottom, Potato peeler, Paper towels, Plate with a lid (you can take from any pan), Jelly form, Wooden spoon, Plate deep, Colander with small holes, serving platter

Preparation of jelly from sterlet:

Step 1: take the fish.

We take the sterlet and wash it well in running cold water, and also wash it with a soft brush. We put a kettle of water on a big fire and wait until the water in it boils. Then we scald the fish 1-2 times boiling water from this kettle. This is done so that we can easily clean it of scales. Next, carefully gut the fish, rinse all the insides and put it in a plastic bag, which we put in the refrigerator so that the fish rests a little.

Step 2: Cook the broth.

For this step, you should take a saucepan deep and preferably with a double bottom. pour there 1,5 liter water and set everything on fire. Next, add to the water 1-2 pieces bay leaf, black peppercorns 5 items, allspice 1 pea and a bouillon cube, for example, I took beef flavored magicians. We take carrots, peel it with a potato peel, peel it thoroughly under water, pat it with a paper towel to get rid of excess water, cut into 2 parts or leave it whole, here at your request, and then send it to boiling water. We clean the onions, wash them and throw them whole into the already boiling broth. As soon as the carrots are cooked in half, we take out the sterlet of their refrigerator and add it directly to the broth. We cook everything already over low heat (not letting the broth boil) about 10 minutes.

Step 3: cook the fish in the broth and lighten it.

As soon as the sterlet is cooked with us, gently take the spoon out of the boiling broth into a separate plate and leave it to cool, after covering it under the lid. You can immediately get the sterlet in the jelly form. Then we take the onion with carrots from the broth onto a plate, we will not need the onion anymore, so you can throw it away, but leave the carrots, as it can be added to the jelly. Now we try the broth to taste, if you need to add more spices, then add as needed (it all depends on the taste of each). Remove the broth from the fire. As soon as the sterlet cools down, carefully remove the head from it, fish fins, take out the ridge. Now we’ll send the head, fins, ridge back to the broth and set it to simmer on very low heat, literally on 10-15 minutes. the rest of the fish is left in a plate with a lid or in a jelly form. Next, we will need to lighten the broth, if it turns out muddy, and this often happens. You can lighten the broth with egg white or red caviar.

Step 4: filter the broth and add the gelatin.

Next you should take a colander with small holes and 2 liter clean pan. In this pan we need to strain our broth. We put the filtered broth again on the fire and bring it to a boiling state, then we reduce the fire, because it should not boil. Then add gelatin to it. Gelatin should be previously dissolved in warm water in a separate bowl. When you add the gelatin to the broth, mix everything with a spoon until the gelatin is completely dissolved. In this case, the broth can not be brought to a boil. When the gelatin dissolves - remove the broth from the heat and cover with a lid.

Step 5: form the jelly in the form.

Next, take any beautiful dish you like, the main thing is that it is intended for aspic (jelly) and pour there 20-30% of the total volume of broth from the pan, leave it in the cold and wait until it hardens. Then we sprinkle the frozen layer of the broth with finely chopped greens on a cutting board, put the quarters of our cherry tomatoes on top of it, or you can cut them into circles, slices / mugs of lemon and mugs of carrots (add only if desired), then gently pour all this with a small amount of already cooled broth. We wait a little while this layer hardens. Now take the sterlet, its mode into slices or slices of medium size. Then we put the sterlet pieces on the frozen jelly and fill everything with the rest of the broth. Then cover and put in a cold place or just in the refrigerator for final solidification.

Step 6: serve the jelly from the sterlet.

When the jelly finally hardens, you can get it out of shape in a very simple way. It consists in placing the jelly form on 2-3 minutes in hot water, then remove the mold, wipe the remaining water from the outside of the mold with a paper towel, place a serving dish (flat plate) on top of the dish and gently turn it over. Remove from the jelly form and decorate on top than the soul wants. Everything, the jelly is ready - you can serve it. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - for decoration in aspic you can also add olives or olives, as well as boiled egg quarters (quail eggs are just the right way for this).

- - If you do not plan to get the jelly out of the mold after it has hardened, then all the ingredients must be laid out in the reverse order.

- - in order to avoid clouding of the broth, the products should be fresh and cooked without letting the broth boil - over low heat, it doesn’t turn out cloudy, and when it's already ready I add a little lemon juice, it also brightens

- - By the way, you can simply put all the available ingredients in the dish, and put the fish itself last. Then carefully pour the broth with a ladle. Pour the broth strictly on the walls of the dish itself.

- - also to quickly get the jelly out of the mold - before you start pouring the bottom of this dish, you should cover it well with plastic wrap and then you can easily take the jelly out of the mold onto a serving dish.