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River bass with tomatoes

River bass with tomatoes

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Ingredients for cooking river bass with tomatoes

  1. Fillet of river perch peeled (preferably whole carcass) 800 gr.
  2. Fresh carrot 1 medium
  3. Potato 2 medium
  4. Onion 2 pcs.
  5. Fresh 2 medium tomatoes
  6. Butter 20 gr.
  7. Fresh dill greens 100 gr.
  8. A quarter of fresh lemon to taste
  9. Salt (can be seasoned) to taste
  10. Freshly ground pepper (ideal for the mill) to taste
  • Main ingredients perch
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen sink, Kettle, Shovel, Knife - 2 amount, Pliers (pliers), Cutting board, Vegetable cutting board, Vegetable peeling knife, Kitchen towel (paper), Oven, Baking tray, Cooking foil

Cooking river bass with tomatoes:

Step 1: clean the fish.

It will be easier and faster if the perch was brought not by fishing friends, but by relatives from the store. Such river bass can already be cleaned and even frozen. The fish, of course, remained fish, but still it will be much tastier to cook from fresh perch. Although you have to tinker. So, cleaning the perch. In fact, everything is not as scary as most housewives think when to clean fish. We just need trim fins, clean off the giblets and take off the scales. This is what we will do. We put the kettle on the stove and boil. At this time, put the small fish in the released shell. Rinse it first with running water.. Necessarily cold! Hot water nails aromas. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to wash particularly "fragrant" products under hot water. Shake the fish and transfer to the board. Cut the upper and side fins with a knife. We leave the tail for now. We need him. We don’t open fish. When the kettle began to boil. First, pour boiling water over the instrument, then lower the headless fish upside down into the sink and scald it. On both sides. At this time, we hold her by the tail with the same pliers, it is more convenient to turn and the tail of the hand does not prick. We take the same knife with which the fins were cut, and From ourselves "against the coat" we clean the scales, tightly holding the tail in a vise. You can, of course, try to work without a tool, but remember that the fins of the fish are spiky. When the perch is cleaned of scales, wash it under cold water and dry it with a towel. We shift to the board. Now you can rip up the perch and remove the tail. More precisely, the opposite. From the open perch, the blunt side of the knife removes the insides. The fish thus cleaned is washed again under cold water and dried. Perch is ready!

Step 2: we stuff the perch.

Now the matter is left to the small: stuff the perch with vegetables and bake. To do this, vegetables need to be peeled and chopped. We remove the knife and the board with which we worked on the fish. We put in front of ourselves clean. Peel potatoes and carrots. Peel the onion. Thoroughly wash the tomatoes and herbs under water, as well as other vegetables after cleaning. On the baking sheet we spread the culinary foil. We will wrap perch with vegetables in it. Therefore, I advise you to measure the rectangle with the baking sheet of the oven, in which you will bake the fish. In the middle we put the fish with vegetables, and cover and wrap it with the edges. What we do with vegetables: cut potatoes into round slices with a thickness of not more than one and a half centimeter and line in the middle of the foil on a baking sheet. Slices should cover each other about halfway. Thus, we form an oval on which the fish will lie. Rub the perch with salt and pepper to taste. Seasonings of marjoram and oregano herbs are also suitable for fish. But this is up to you. Rub the perch with a quarter of lemon and put on top of the potatoes. Now put the perch inside first a little green. Then onions and tomatoes. Then again onions and herbs. For this, cut the tomatoes in the same slices. Shred and onion. Onion cubes 1x1 cm, green finely-finely. Cut the carrots into slices no more than two cm thick and spread on top of the perch. Sprinkle on top a little more with a mixture of peppers and cut a piece of butter.

Step 3: bake river bass with tomatoes.

We set the oven to warm up to 180 *. Pieces of oil are laid out on the edges of the fish and on top. Now wrap the perch in foil. We turn the top edge under the river perch, and wrap the edges of the foil inward. River bass will be baked for 30 minutes. When ready, we pull out the baking tray with the perch from the oven and make an incision along the “cocoon” of foil. And back to the oven for 5 minutes. So the perch with vegetables is covered with a golden crust.

Step 4: serve river bass with tomatoes!

We take out the finished perch from the oven and leave to cool slightly. During this time, we prepare a dish in which we will serve fish. To remove the perch from the foil, it is enough to cut it to the end along. Then we push apart the edges of the foil and shift the fish to the dish with a spatula. Pour juice there. Garnish with greens and thinly sliced ​​lemon slices. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can bake not only in the foil, but also in the baking pan. For this, we lubricate it with butter, otherwise the cooking procedure is the same, except that the oil will go to lubricate the container.

- - During cleaning, the carcass can be cut into strips of fillet, thereby getting rid of the ridge and bones.

- - You can cut the fish without removing it from the foil. Without unwrapping, transfer the cocoon to a dish and cut into slices, you get something like portioned pieces.