Champagne jelly

Champagne jelly

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Champagne Jelly Ingredients

  1. Champagne 2 cups
  2. Raspberry 1 cup
  3. Water 3 tablespoons
  4. Gelatin 1 sachet
  5. Sugar 2 tablespoons or to taste
  • Main Ingredients Raspberry, Champagne, Sugar
  • Serving 6 servings


Fridge, Jelly containers, Sieve, Tablespoon, Measuring cup, Carafe, Paper kitchen towels, Food plastic wrap

Making champagne jelly:

Step 1: Prepare Raspberries

Regardless of which raspberries you use, purchased or grown with your own hands, it must be washed. To do this, spread raspberries in a sieve and thoroughly rinse under running water from various contaminants. Then we put it on paper kitchen towels so that all excess liquid is absorbed.

Step 2: prepare the gelatin.

In order for the gelatin to completely dissolve, we need hot water. In a deep measuring glass or other container we transfer with the help of a tablespoon the necessary amount of sugar. Then we pour pure hot water, mix sugar liquid and add gelatin. Next, mix all the components to a homogeneous consistency and leave a minimum of 10 minutes.

Step 3: form the jelly.

After 10 minutes, we gradually pour champagne into the gelatin mass. Then mix the contents with a tablespoon. And then slowly pour the liquid into the molds, while the entire volume does not need to be filled immediately, but only 1/4 part. After that, remove the container in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, so that the mass grasps a little. Then, having taken it out, put several raspberries in each mold, slightly sinking them into a jelly mass. And then fill the berries with the remaining liquid. The resulting foam can be removed with a teaspoon to make our jelly more transparent. We close the container with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for the night, for final hardening.

Step 4: serve champagne jelly.

Before serving, jelly must be removed from the molds, this can be done with a rounded knife. Carefully finish the jelly from the walls of the form without violating the integrity of the dish and get it. We lay out the finished jelly on beautiful plates. You can decorate with sprigs of mint and whipped cream. Dessert is ready to be served on the festive table! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Instead of raspberries, you can use other berries, such as strawberries, cherries, currants or several different berries.

- - If you have only pink champagne, then jelly can be prepared from it.

- - The amount of sugar can vary depending on your taste preferences.

- - Raspberries do not have to be used fresh, frozen will do. Just before cooking, give it a little time to thaw.

- - In addition to a special mold, the jelly mass can be poured into beautiful wine glasses or creamers.


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