Potato patties

Potato patties

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Ingredients for making potato patties

  1. Potato 1 kilogram
  2. Sifted wheat flour 2 tablespoons for potato mass and 50-60 grams for breading
  3. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons for frying onions and about 70 milliliters for frying cutlets
  4. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  5. Butter 30-40 grams
  6. Onion 2 pieces
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients Potato, Onion, Eggs, Flour
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World CuisineUkrainian Cuisine


Knife, Deep pan with a lid, Cooker, Frying pan, Deep plate - 2 pieces, Kitchen towel, Fork, Bbw, Refrigerator, Kitchen spatula, Large flat dish

Cooking potato patties:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

Rinse the required amount of any kind of potato from the ground under running water and peel it. After repeatedly rinse the potatoes in water, lay on a cutting board and cut into cubes with an approximate diameter up to 3 - 4 centimeters. Put the chopped potatoes in a deep pot, and pour clean distilled water so that it not only completely covers the vegetable, but also is above its level by about 1 - 2 centimeters.

Step 2: boil the potatoes.

Turn the stove to a strong level and place a potato pot on it. When the water boils, fasten the level of the stove to a temperature between small and medium. Add salt to the pot with tubers to taste, and boil the potatoes until cooked, this process will take about 15 - 20 minutes, mainly the cooking time depends on the quality of the potatoes and the hardness of the water.

Step 3: prepare the onion.

While boiling potatoes peel onions, rinse them under running water from various kinds of contaminants and dry the vegetable with paper kitchen towels to remove excess moisture. Then lay the onion heads on a chopping board and cut them with a knife, using an average cube with approximately a diameter of up to 1 centimeter.

Step 4: fry the onions.

Turn on the stove to a medium level and place a pan with 1 - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. When the fat warms up, throw the chopped onion into it and fry, stirring with a kitchen spatula until light golden crust and transparency. This process will take approximately 5 to 7 minutes frying time depends on the pan and how much you heated the oil. Put the fried onions in a deep plate, and check the potatoes are ready.

Step 5: prepare the potato mass.

Pierce one of the potato slices with a fork, if it crumbles or the fork freely enters the vegetable, then your ingredient is ready for the next step. Cover the pan with a lid, leaving a small gap and holding the container with a kitchen towel, drain all the water from it without a trace. Remove the lid from the pan, arm yourself with a pusher and mash the boiled vegetable so that a mass without lumps is obtained. If suddenly a lot of mass seems, then part can be put aside and cook something else from potatoes. Then, in the puree, add the right amount of eggs for splendor, a small piece of butter for a delicate aftertaste, black pepper for flavor and sifted wheat flour for viscosity. Stir the ingredients and whisk them lightly for 2 to 3 minutes. After allowing the aromatic mass to cool completely to room temperature, then cover the pan with a lid and refrigerate at least for 30 to 40 minutes, during this time, mashed potatoes will become more dense and it will be easier to form semi-finished products - cutlets from it. But if time is running out, just cool the mass completely and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: form the cutlets.

After the right time, remove the pot of mashed potatoes from the refrigerator. Sprinkle a cutting board with a small amount of sifted wheat flour, pour the rest of the flour into a deep plate. Scoop a tablespoon of potato mass with a slide, lay it on your hand and form a round or oval cutlet, as you like best. Then roll the cake mix in the flour so that its layer completely covers the cutlet, and lay your product on a chopping board sprinkled with flour. Form the remaining cutlets in the same way.

Step 7: fry the meatballs.

Turn the stove on a medium level and place a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil on it. Gently place the first batch of cutlets in the preheated fat and fry them on both sides to a golden, light brown crust, periodically turning the kitchen spatula on one side or the other. It will take about 8 to 10 minutes to fry the cutlets on both sides, over medium heat. Place the finished meatballs with a kitchen spatula on a large flat dish. Add a little more oil to the pan and place the second batch of cutlets in it. In the same way, cook all the other potato patties.

Step 8: serve potato patties.

Potato patties served hot. They are laid out on plates at the rate of 2 cutlets - 1 serving and, if desired, watered with sour cream, thick homemade cream, and also decorated with fresh parsley, dill or sprinkled with chopped green onions. Very often this type of cutlet is served with different sauces, for example, with mushroom, tomato, cream and many others. The texture of the cutlets is velvet, very delicate, almost airy. A pleasant vegetable aroma. The taste is salty sweet, with a slight aftertaste of black pepper. Inexpensive and tasteful! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - In order to prevent the old potatoes from darkening during cooking, you can add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or milk to the water.

- - Cutlets turn out to be more tasty if you fry them in butter.

- In addition to black pepper, you can add spices and herbs to the potato mass, in addition to black pepper, ground white pepper, dried tarragon, parsley, thyme, cilantro, sage, basil. As well as garlic and onion powders.