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Strawberry pancake cake

Strawberry pancake cake

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Strawberry Pancake Cake Ingredients


  1. Baking soda 2 grams
  2. Wheat flour 200 grams
  3. Pasteurized whole milk 500 milliliters
  4. Sugar sand 20 grams
  5. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  6. Chicken egg 2 pieces

Cream and decor:

  1. Butter 76% fat (premium) 200 grams
  2. Condensed milk (white) 400 milliliters
  3. Strawberries 1 kilogram
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Strawberries, Flour
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl - 3 pieces, Fine mesh strainer, Mixer, Teaspoon, Stove, Frying pan, Ladle, Kitchen spatula, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Paper kitchen towels, Plastic wrap, Refrigerator, Colander, Knife, Deep plate, Key for canned food, tablespoon, large flat dish

Cooking Strawberry Pancake Cake:

Step 1: prepare the butter for the cream.

In 2 hours before starting to make a cake, we take out a 200 gram pack of butter from the refrigerator. We remove the packaging from the dairy product, put the fat in a deep bowl and leave the butter to soften. We put the bowl away from the stove so that the butter does not melt.

Step 2: prepare the flour for the dough.

In order to make the pancakes thin and at the same time airy, take a deep bowl and sift into it the right amount of wheat flour. This step is by no means avoided, since during sifting the flour is saturated with oxygen, dried, and becomes more friable.

Step 3: prepare the dough for pancakes.

Now we start preparing the dough, in the deep bowl we drive in the required number of eggs without shell, put the container under the mixer blades and beat at medium speed until splendid. We devote to this process 1 - 2 minutes. Then reduce the speed of the mixer to a small level, add the pasteurized whole milk to the eggs, a little sugar, salt and soda. Mix the ingredients at low speed until smooth for 30 seconds. After that, in the same bowl we begin to introduce the sifted wheat flour in parts, we act slowly, pouring it into the liquid mass spoon after spoon, while kneading the batter without lumps. By texture, it should resemble sour cream of medium fat content.

Step 4: fry the pancakes.

When the dough is ready, turn off the mixer and put on a stove, included on a strong level non-stick pan. Its diameter depends on how high the cake you want to cook, in a very large pan you get from 9 to 12 pancakes. Up to 20 pancakes will be released on a smaller one. When the container is hot, we collect half a ladle of batter, tilt the pan and pour the semi-finished product on it. Then, with a light, circular motion of the hand, we distribute the dough along the entire bottom of the container and again put the pan on the stove. Fry the pancake until golden blush for 30 - 40 seconds. Then, using a kitchen spatula, turn it over to the other side and also fry it until golden brown. We put the finished pancake on a cutting board. In the same way, fry the rest of the pancakes until the dough is over, and let them cool to room temperature.

Step 5: prepare the cream.

While the pancakes are cooling, we wash the mixer blades under warm running water from the remnants of the dough, dry them with paper kitchen towels and put a bowl with softened butter under them. Using a canned wrench, open a jar of condensed milk and pour its contents into a container for butter. We turn on the kitchen appliance at medium speed and begin to whip the ingredients until smooth. We devote to this process 15 - 20 minutesby periodically turning off the mixer on 1 - 2 minutes. We tighten the bowl with the finished cream with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator on 5 - 7 minutes, so that the mass becomes thicker and does not spread in all directions during the formation of the cake.

Step 6: prepare the strawberries.

Now is the time to deal with strawberries, sort out the berries, put aside the spoiled and wrinkled, they can make a great compote. Then we remove the stalks of whole berries, carefully transfer them to a colander and rinse the strawberries under a thin stream of cold running water from any kind of contamination. After we leave the berries in a colander on 7 to 10 minutes so that the remaining liquid drains from them and the strawberries dry out a little. Then, in turn, we lay the berries on a cutting board and cut them into thick layers up to 5 millimeters. Put the slices in a separate deep plate.

Step 7: form a cake.

All the components of the cake are ready, we take out a bowl of cream from the refrigerator, remove the film from it, take a large flat dish and put the first pancake on it. Now we pick up a couple of tablespoons of cream, put it on a pancake and distribute the aromatic mass around the entire perimeter of the flour product. On top of the cream in an artistic mess lay out layers of strawberries. We cover all this miracle with the second pancake, again we grease it with cream and spread a layer of strawberries on it. We do the same with the rest of the pancakes until the cream runs out, which must necessarily lie in a beautiful even layer on the surface of the last pancake. We decorate the finished cake with the remaining strawberries, if desired, you can come up with any other decorations. Now let the cake stand at room temperature 15 - 20 minutes, then tighten it with plastic wrap and refrigerate 8 - 10 hoursbut better all night.

Step 8: serve strawberry pancake cake.

Strawberry pancake cake served chilled. If desired, it can be taken out of the refrigerator 1 hour before serving, especially this must be done if you have prepared this yummy for children. This wonderful dessert does not need any additions, unless a couple of balls of ice cream can embellish its taste. Such a miracle can be prepared for any holiday or on any weekday, in order to please your sweet tooth with something breathtakingly delicious! Enjoy it! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If desired, add 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla essence or 1 bag of vanilla sugar to the pancake dough, this spice will add a pleasant aroma to the cake.

- - For the preparation of this cake, you can cook any pancakes, for example, on kefir, on mineral water or sour cream.

- - Strawberries can be replaced with any canned or fresh berries, as well as fruits.


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