Sauerkraut with cranberries

Sauerkraut with cranberries

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Ingredients for making sauerkraut with cranberries

  1. White cabbage 1 kg
  2. Carrot 2 pcs
  3. Salt 20 g
  4. Honey 1 tbsp. a spoon
  5. Cranberries 10-15 berries
  6. Bay leaf 1 pc
  7. Black pepper peas 5 pcs
  8. Unrefined sunflower oil 2 tbsp.
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Carrot, Cranberry, Honey
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, Knife, Bowl, Cabbage grater, large jar or pickle tub, Wood crush, Nylon cover, Wooden stick, Coarse grater

Cooking sauerkraut with cranberries:

Step 1: Prepare the cabbage.

Only cabbage of late varieties is suitable for fermentation. She has a hard head, dense leaves, a wide stump. Young cabbage is too soft, it has few sugars that are necessary for fermentation.
Cabbage needs to be cleaned of dirty leaves, washed and finely chopped. If you are confident in your abilities, do it with a knife, if not, use a special grater for cabbage. Put the cabbage in a bowl.

Step 2: Prepare the carrots.

Peel the carrots and rub on a coarse grater. If you want it to be not only tasty, but also beautiful, you can cut it into thin strips. Transfer carrots to a deep plate.

Step 3: Cook the sauerkraut with cranberries.

Add salt to the cabbage, mix and mash well. You need to do this with clean bare hands, no rubber gloves. We mint until the cabbage starts juice.

Then add honey, carrots, several cranberries, pepper and mix well. Why honey, not sugar? As practice has shown, with honey, the taste of cabbage is more piquant and soft. Honey is not felt at all, probably, it somehow transforms during fermentation - it’s some kind of natural alchemy, so if you don’t love it, let it not stop you.

The capacity in which you are going to ferment the cabbage needs to be prepared: wash, scald with boiling water and dry. So, we put cabbage with carrots in a jar or tub for pickles, we help ourselves with a wooden crush. On the side we put a bay leaf. Well tamped. Close the jar with a lid, not tight - the cabbage should breathe. Better yet, cut holes in the capron lid, then it can be closed to the end and the cabbage will not “suffocate”.
Put the cabbage in the refrigerator. In a day, she will start up enough juice and the fermentation process will begin. After two days, take out the can, open the lid and pierce the cabbage to the bottom with a wooden stick to release the gases accumulated in the inner layers. Close the lid and put the jar back in the refrigerator. Important! Our task is to pierce all layers of cabbage to the bottom, without stirring. If you have not stocked up with a suitable wooden stick in advance, look around that you can replace it. Maybe you have Chinese chopsticks or barbecue chopsticks, if the jar is small, they are quite suitable. In extreme cases, take a wooden spatula or spoon and use its handle, just wash it well beforehand. You may not get to the bottom, but still better than nothing.
Repeat this procedure every two days. After 7 days, the cabbage will be ready. The bay leaf needs to be removed - he has already done his job, and put the finished cabbage in a container in which you will store it in the refrigerator.

Step 4: Serve the sauerkraut with cranberries.

Take the right amount of sauerkraut, put in a bowl, add one or two tablespoons of unrefined sunflower oil. Stir, place in plates and decorate with cranberries, serve.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Before serving in cabbage, you can add chopped onions or finely chopped green onions.

- Sauerkraut can not be stored at room temperature, so it will peroxide very quickly. The sauerkraut retains its properties and taste for the longest time at a temperature of + 2-4 degrees.

- Ready sauerkraut can be used for cooking cabbage soup, salads, as well as stew with meat.

- If you cooked a lot of sauerkraut, and by some miracle it was not quickly eaten and peroxide, it can be washed with cold boiled water, squeezed and used to prepare the meatballs.


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