KFC Serves Customer Deep-Fried Towel

U.K. customer says KFC served a deep-fried towel


KFC has apologized to a customer who says she found a rolled-up hand towel inside what looked like a piece of fried chicken.

The crispy breading might be the best part of a plate of fried chicken, but that’s all one customer received recently when her order at a KFC restaurant included a piece that was completely devoid of chicken and contained only a small blue hand towel.

According to The Daily Mail, Krystal Henderson says she recently went to a KFC unit in Newcastle, England, with her stepson. When he bit into one of his boneless fried chicken pieces, however, he found it was hard. When they looked at the mysterious chicken finger, it was blue inside and they initially thought the chicken had just gone bad. Upon further investigation, however, they discovered that it was a hand towel.

“Realising it was blue roll was worse than chicken,” Henderson said. “If it was bad chicken they might have just had a bad batch or something, but the blue roll could have been used for anything - it could have bleach or disinfectant on it.”

KFC apologized after an investigation and offered Henderson a free meal and a refund. According to the company, the towel likely fell from a tissue roll into the breading and went unnoticed by the cook.

“We're very sorry for Ms. Henderson's experience and apologised to her immediately, as well as giving her a refund at the time of the incident,” a KFC spokesperson said. “We take food quality and hygiene very seriously and unfortunately, on this extremely rare occasion, our restaurant failed to meet the high standards that both we and our customers expect.”

KFC Served What Instead Of Chicken?!

One mother in the U.K. got way more than she bargained for when she took her 7-year-old stepson to KFC. As Oliver Hallam bit into a piece of deep-fried chicken, he learned that it was too hard to bite. When he and his mom, Krystal Henderson, inspected it more closely, they learned KFC had served them a deep-fried blue hand towel. Talk about a wake-up call.

Henderson says she went back to the KFC location in Killingworth to complain, only to have the staff inform her that she had to call customer service. Yup, that's exactly what I'd want to hear in the same situation. Henderson says she had to repeatedly call the company to reach anyone. She told The Daily Mail:

Oliver couldn't even eat for a week, according to Henderson — can't say I blame him. On the bright side, Oliver didn't get sick from the towel. Henderson did eventually receive a letter from KFC, which read: "The blue tissue has most likely originated from a tissue roll used for KFC hygiene purposes. The store assumes it must have fallen unseen into the breading lug that is under the sieve and was not noticed by the cook."

KFC offered Henderson a free meal for all of the trouble caused. because that totally makes up for this whole situation. A spokesperson for KFC says:

Well, Henderson and Oliver say they're swearing off KFC for life. Yeah. Fair enough.

KFC-style vegan fried chicken

I know it’s junk food but once in a while I do miss KFC. Maybe I don’t really miss the chicken that much but the unique, crunchy, tasty batter, and I am sure I am not the only one. So…. I thought why not make a copycat veganised KFC-style “chicken”… Here we go.

First, wash and dry the oyster mushrooms. If the mushroom is too big, tear it in half by hand.

Combine all the spice mix ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix well.

Place 80g of the spice mixture into the other bowl, add 200 ml of unsweetened soy milk and 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast, whisk gently until you get a smooth batter.

Assembly time, let’s organise our worktop a little bit.

You should have a plate of oyster mushrooms, a liquid and a dry mixture like the picture.

Dip each piece of mushroom into the liquid mixture, let it soak for a few seconds and absorb the batter. Then roll it into the dry mixture until completely coated.

Repeat the same process for each piece, place them onto a tray/plate to let the coating sit for a few minutes.

Heat up the oil in a small non-stick saucepan and carefully add the mushroom piece-by-piece into the oil. Depending on how big your saucepan is, try to not overcrowd too many pieces in at once. Deep fry until it is a beautiful golden colour all around and floating on the oil.

Place the deep-fried mushrooms on a tray with oil-absorbing cooking paper or kitchen towel and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.

Serve with freshly squeezed lime juice and your preferred flavour of sauce (sweet chilli sauce, curry sauce or sweet & sour sauce… etc).

For this recipe, I’ve tried tofu, seitan, tempeh, cauliflower and other ingredients, but out of them all I think the oyster mushroom is the winner, it’s not just tender but juicy and flavourful too. You also get this tearable texture like a real chicken but completely 100% plant-based.

This is a must-try recipe, it is an incredibly tasty, beer-pair food for Friday night.

You may also be interested in checking out my other meat/fish craving recipe – deep fried vegan calamari. It is made from oyster mushrooms as well.

If you’ve followed and made this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and take a picture, tagging it with #k33_kitchen and share it on Instagram! I’d be very excited to see what you come up with. Cheers, hope you enjoy my recipes!


Finally, a secret no more! KFCs’ famous 11 herbs and spices have been revealed and we are all very thankful for it. Delicious and flavorful, now you can use this spice for virtually anything you can think of!

Make deep-fried crispy chicken, beef fillet roasts or simply create a new spiced side dish that will leave your guests craving more. There is a very good reason their slogan is “finger-licking good”.



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Amazing KFC style chicken wings recipe that you can’t stop eating

Amazing KFC style chicken wings recipe that you just can't stop eating

Course Appetizer, Main Course, Snack, Starters

Keyword chicken wings, fryed chicken, KFC, KFC chicken, KFC wings


Ingredients for marinating the chicken wings

  • 1.5 kg chicken wings cut to 2 discard the tip. cut to drumette and wingette
  • 2.5 cups buttermilk
  • 5 minced cloves of garlic
  • 1.5 ts regular yellow mustard
  • 0.5 ts grounded black pepper
  • 1 ts kosher salt

Ingredients for coating the chicken wings

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1.5 cup cornstarch
  • 2 tbsp sweet paprika
  • 1 tbsp marjoram
  • 1 tbsp oregano
  • 1 tbsp thyme
  • 1 full tbsp granulated garlic
  • 1.5 ts kosher salt
  • 0.5 ts grounded black pepper
  • 2 liters oil for deep frying


Marinating the KFC style chicken

Check the wings to see if they are clean from feathers.

Discard the tip of the wing if present, and separate the wings into drumette and wingette.

Place the buttermilk and spices in a large bowl. mix well.

Marinate the wings in the buttermilk and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.

Place in the fridge for 6 hours.

Coating the KFC style wings

Take the wing out of the fridge half an hour before you want to cook them so they will warm and be at room temperature. we don't want them cold when we are frying them.

Place the coating ingredients in a bowl.

Mix the coating ingredients.

To make the coating process easy place the bowl of the marinated chicken next to the bowl with the coating mixture.

Take a wing in your hand. dip it well in the buttermilk marinade and place it in the coating mixture. coat the wing well. place the coated wing on a plate or a cutting board.

You can repeat the process until all wings are coated or continue coating the next batch while the first batch is frying.

In a large pot or a wok heat oil to 190C/374F.

I prefer to use a wok because it heats up fast and it keeps the oil temperature easily.

Fry the wings in small batches. each batch for 10 minutes. it is important not to fry too many wings together because it will cause the oil to drop temperature which will result in a soggy oily coating.

While frying the wings stir the wings with a slotted spoon to avoid them sticking one to another.

After 10 minutes, and when the wings get a nice color, remove them from the oil onto a paper towel for 1 minute. Serve immediately. If you are not serving the wings immediately, I recommend that you place the wings on a cooling rack so the steam evaporating from them won't affect the coating.

Serve the wings with your favorite sauce: BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, hot sauce, sweet chili sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise.

4 thoughts on &ldquoAmazing KFC Style Chicken Wings Recipe That You Can’t Stop Eating&rdquo

if I am using an AIR FRYER what temp and how long to cook .

For better results, I would recommend frying in oil.
Use the Air fryer at 190C for about 18 min.

What to add for hot chicken wings? Thanks

Hi Raya.
spicy wings are awesome.

you can replace the sweet paprika with any grounded hot peppers powder.

Mild wings – Use hot paprika powder.
Hot wings – Use ground chili powder.
If you want to go extreme – Use ghost pepper powder.

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How to make authentic KFC at home

One of the problems Jessica kept coming up against is the fact that KFC’s processes and equipment have been streamlined to make it simple to create tons of chicken in a very short amount of time.

For example, they use milk and egg powder instead of fresh milk and eggs, which would be messier and have higher margins of waste as the liquid drips off the chicken into the herb and spice mix.

They also have commercial pressure fryers that tenderise the chicken as it cooks, thus eliminating the need to brine the chicken in advance. Jessica says you can still achieve the same effect at home by sitting the chicken in a bowl of buttermilk for between four and 24 hours before cooking it, and by using a home deep frier like the $169 Breville Smart Deep Fryer she uses.

“The way KFC cooks it in their restaurants is impossible to replicate at home because of the commercial techniques and equipment they use but this would be how the Colonel would have cooked it at home,” Jessica explains, “Except he probably would have use a deep set skillet back in 1930 before he developed his pressure fryer.”

“The colour of my coating is a little darker than what KFC does because I fried it for a bit longer to ensure the chicken was fully cooked through but you can cook it for less.”

KFC Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Recipe using Cauliflower | Vegan Recipe

The burning question of my entire life is “Will it Vegan?” This week I applied this to the well known and often sought after KFC Nashville Hot Chicken. This recipe has been done by every junk foodie on the web. After being told by my friend Ken Domik that his viewers lost their minds over this dish, I knew it was one that I simply HAD to tackle. Being that I am a vegan, and have been for almost 7 years, it’s been a very very VERRRY long time since I have enjoyed fried chicken. But, that does not mean that I do not understand the appeal of crispy fried breading, with a moist and juicy inside. I most certainly understand, and it’s been on my list of recipes to tackle for years! Today’s the day.

To get this KFC Fried Chicken recipe to be the best it could be, I turned to my friend, cauliflower. Cauliflower, surprisingly, makes for an excellent substitution for chicken. It’s like the new tofu! We’ve all seen baked cauliflower wings (…Pinterest for goodness sakes) but, I wanted to take my pale vegetable to the next level. I wanted to deep fry it. And so this recipe was born…

If you are feeding this recipe to your non-veg friends I would suggest making it as realistic as possible, and this is all done with the way you decide to cut and present your “chicken”. You want to make sure that you section out the florets in realistic chicken-like shapes.

You could go with a more classic drumstick style, a larger breast sized piece, or ever a thinner, longer wing shape. Keep the pieces a bit on the bigger side though as they will shrink a bit during the cooking process.

After you’ve sectioned up your cauliflower, you need to create a brine marinade to give your cauliflower a little punch. Good chicken doesn’t skip the marinading process, and neither should you. Put your florets into a large freezer bag, pour your brine marinade in. Seal it up and massage the marinade into the florets being sure to get an even coating. Let it marinade in your mixture for a minimum of two hours, if possible, let it sit overnight.

I will be honest with you, creating a breading is not the most difficult thing in the world to figure out— but what will make your breading stand out is the spices, and the technique you use. I wanted this recipe to be as authentic as possible, so I did some research in the deepest, darkest corners of the web to try and replicate the signature secret 11 spice- spice mix that Kentucky Fried Chicken uses. This is my best bet, you can agree, disagree, or provide your own guesses in the comment section!

Candice’s KFC 11 Secret Spice Mix: regular salt, chili powder, garlic salt, paprika, celery salt, dried sage, garlic powder, all spice, oregano, basil, marjoram, and onion salt.

In case you weren’t counting that was a grand total of 11 spices, not including the salt which is just a given in any seasoning flour recipe. These 11 spices are the secret spices that make the KFC Nashville Hot Chicken recipe special. These are also the very same spices that KFC has been using in their seasoning flour since they started frying chicken. Secret Recipe? Not anymore.

Put all of your cauliflower into the seasoning flour and mix it up thoroughly, make sure you get a good solid coating of flour on each floret. This is crucial to the frying process. After you have coated them in seasoning flour drop them into your vegan-egg wash and repeat the same process. Then, finally, they go back into the seasoning flour for one last coating. What you are doing here is building up your breading one layer at a time. This method will yield a delicious crunchy, crispy breading the truly emulates the KFC style in every way.

Now it’s time to fry your Vegan Nashville Hot Chicken pieces.If you happen to have a deep fryer on hand that is definitely my recommended way to go. If you are trying to get that authentic KFC flavor then you need to keep in mind they are using deep fryers to make their chicken. If you are deep frying about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes in the basket should do it. Just be sure to not overcook them. If you are pan frying cook them for 4 to 5 minutes on each side in a deep amount of oil.

For this recipe I also show you how to create the famous Nashville Hot Chicken sauce. Personally I could do without this part, as I prefer to just toss the chicken in Louisiana hot sauce or buffalo sauce and call it a day, but it wouldn’t have been the Nashville Hot Chicken recipe without it so it’s listed below.

No matter what sauce you decide to use, or if you plan to toss, drizzle or dip— make sure that don’t forget to add a slice of pickle. This is a crucial part of the eating experience. The vinegar and dill in the pickle helps to cut the oil, and enhances the flavour of the fried breading and cauliflower! DON’T SKIP IT!

There you have it. KFC Nashville Hot Chicken Vegan style thanks to my fried chicken obsession and a little help from the world wide web.

We tested recipes claiming to be KFC’s original recipe

Area 51, The Lost City of Atlantis, Jack the Ripper, Stonehenge. All of these pale in comparison to the greatest mystery known to mankind: how to make KFC’s chicken.

Sure, KFC isn’t really the gold standard of fried chicken (an informal poll in the newsroom showed that Popeyes, Church’s and Chick-N-Joy are the chain favourites) but the allure of the secret 11 herbs and spices that make up Colonel Sander’s original recipe remains since he started cooking for weary travellers at a Kentucky service station in 1930.

A recent alleged leak of the fried chicken recipe to the Chicago Tribune is the latest recipe claiming to be the real thing. American cookbook author Todd Wilbur made a career replicating fast food recipes and published his first book, Top Secret Recipes, in 1993, which contains his version of KFC’s original recipe fried chicken. In 2009, another fast food sleuth Ron Douglas published America’s Most Wanted Recipes with another version of the chicken.

In a 2012 book, Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, late food writer Josh Ozersky wrote that Sanders commissioned Indiana-based spice company Marion-Kay to recreate his spice blend. The spice blend is still sold today under the name � X,” though its exact ingredients aren’t listed.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this. I tested the recipe published in the Chicago Tribune, along with both Wilbur and Douglas’ recipes, with some adaptations. Shortly after posting a picture of my recipe testing on Instagram, a social media rep for KFC Canada left a comment regarding the recent alleged recipe leak, “Many people have made these claims over the years and no one has been accurate — this one isn’t either. Our chicken is hand breaded and freshly prepared in restaurants all day every day, so they had that part right!”

The goal here isn’t to make the best fried chicken, but to make KFC’s chicken. However, there is one step missing from most of these copycat recipes: pressure frying. The Colonel popularized a modified pressure cooker method to prepare chicken faster while keeping the skin crispy and the meat moist. KFC still does it today. That being said, it’s not recommended to use an at-home pressure cooker to deep fry as the machines aren’t designed to hold a lot of oil under pressure. With that in mind, I deep-fried the chicken.

After two days of experimenting and dozens of consumed drumsticks, an unscientific test by fried chicken fans picked the Todd Wilbur version as the closest to KFC.

KFC Original Recipe, as Published In the Chicago Tribune

“Muted” is how our restaurant critic Amy Pataki described the taste. Other coworkers called it 𠇋land” and “meh.” The meat was juicy and the skin was crisp, but it was missing that salty, peppery kick as well as the golden wrinkly skin for which KFC is known. We also did a double-bread version in an attempt to up the saltiness, but it just made a comically large drumstick straight out of The Flintstones.

Despite the amount of spice — 3 tablespoons of white pepper and a 1/4 cup of paprika — it still tasted kind of blah, probably because the breading had 2 cups of flour, which may have drowned out the seasoning. The recipe is also fairly conservative on the salt and MSG levels (2 teaspoons and a light sprinkling). The latter is out of concern for home readers who want to watch their intake on the additive.

Ron Douglas’ KFC Original Recipe Fried Chicken

Originally published in 2009’s America’s Most Wanted Recipes, Douglas’ recipe for his version of KFC calls for a pressure fryer, which few people have at home so I deep fried it instead. The result doesn’t really taste like KFC, and is somewhere between the recipe published in the Chicago Tribune and Wilbur’s version. It’s good, but missing the spicy, salty kick. Visually, it also came out darker than the KFC’s chicken.

Todd Wilbur’s KFC Original Recipe, Baking Powder Variation

I made this recipe three times with various adaptations. The recipe below tastes the closest to the original KFC recipe even though it was deep-fried not pressure-fried. Salty, juicy, a hint of that herbal spice, the flavours are pretty close. The biggest difference is the texture: KFC’s skin is softer while this version is much crispier and more delicate. Most taste testers said this is the closest to KFC. Some liked it better.

Wilbur’s recipe calls for tellicherry pepper, a fine black pepper known for its fruity notes from the Malabar region of India. I doubt the Colonel was using this, so I opted for regular black pepper. The recipe also calls for skim milk in the dredge, but I’m inclined to believe the Colonel prefers buttermilk, so that is what I used. I also marinated the chicken for an extra half-hour which resulted in a more flavourful bird. A bit of baking powder also makes the bird crisper, a tip I got from Niagara College chef-instructor Michael Olson. If you want that iconic salty, spicy umami bomb go to the Colonel. If you want a crispier version with a fresher herbal taste, make this at home.

Keto "KFC" Fried Chicken

*Allow the chicken to dry for at least 30 minutes or up to 1 hour.


Rinse the chicken pieces with cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Make sure your chicken is as dry as possible.

In a shallow bowl, beat the eggs with the milk, and stir. Soak the chicken in the milk mixture for 30 minutes in the fridge, this tenderizes the chicken.

Combine the flour and spices (if using) a large bowl . Add the chicken pieces, a few at a time, and shake to coat completely in the flour. Shake off any excess and set the chicken aside on a rack to dry.

Pour the oil into a deep skillet or deep fryer and heat it to 350 degrees F. Add chicken thighs and legs and cook for several minutes.

Add other chicken pieces being careful not to overcrowd skillet. Continue cooking, turning once, until chicken pieces are golden brown and cooked through. Drain on paper towels and serve warm or at room temperature.

KFC ran out of chicken in the U.K.

In 2018, a bizarre confluence of events led British KFC restaurants to literally run out of chicken.

According to a report from Wired, it all began when KFC switched from its previous delivery company to DHL. When a large car crash involving seven vehicles and at least one fatality took place at a junction near DHL's main warehouse in the town of Rugby, police blocked off roads in order to investigate. The road closure left DHL's chicken-loaded trucks stuck in traffic, and KFC restaurants without any chicken.

KFC wound up temporarily shutting down two-thirds of their locations throughout the U.K. and Ireland, with DHL taking responsibility and apologizing for "the inconvenience and disappointment" inflicted on hungry customers.

In response to the chicken crisis, KFC contracted ad agency Mother London to craft a clever (and borderline profane) ad campaign to mitigate the damage with a little humor. As Campaign reported, Mother Britain cooked up a full-page ad featuring a KFC bucket, with the letters FCK substituted for KFC. "A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It's not ideal," the ad joked. "It's been a hell of a week, but we're making progress, and every day more and more fresh chicken is being delivered to our restaurants."