Dessert cake with cherries and pandispan sheets with cocoa

We prepare a tray, we cover it with food foil, we already have the sheets, all we have to do is make cream.

Cream: We mix the liquid cream well, we drain the cherries from the juice, then we cut them in two and we incorporate them in the well mixed cream. We hydrate the gelatin in cold water. In a stainless steel bowl put the yolks, sugar and cherry juice, place the bowl on a steam bath and simmer until the sugar melts, then add the white chocolate and mix until the chocolate melts. Take the bowl off the heat and add hydrated gelatin, mix well and let it reach room temperature, because my time was not with me, I accelerated the cooling by putting the bowl in the sink with cold water and stirring vigorously to cool. Then I incorporated the mixture into the whipped cream.

In the tray prepared with food foil I placed the first sheet I spread a generous layer of cream, then I placed the second sheet, and the layer of cream, the third sheet, the cream and the last sheet, I pressed a little the last sheet to make better adhesion . I glazed the last sheet with white fondant and dark chocolate. Put the tray in the fridge for a few hours, then with the help of a knife with a wide blade and pass it through hot water, portion the cake.