Celebrate Onboard 78-Foot $4M Sanlorenzo 82 Motor Yacht

Celebrate Onboard 78-Foot $4M Sanlorenzo 82 Motor Yacht

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By now, you've probably already finished holiday shopping for your friends and family, so it's time to buy yourself something. Maybe you should pick this $4M motor yacht. The 78-foot Sanlorenzo 82 features an owner's cabin with an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet, a VIP cabin, two double guest cabins, and a crew cabin at the bow. One will find satin walnut throughout the interior, including the flooring and furniture accents, and a "U" sofa in the salon for social gatherings. Sure, you can pretend the spacious yacht is a gift for the whole family if they're the jealous type, but we know better — your secret is safe with us.


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